Bad Bots and Beyond Protecting eCommerce Platforms Against Automated Attacks and Inventory Scraping

Taylor Swift may be the most notorious reason bot attacks were the topic of recent hearings in the U.S. Congress. But unscrupulous resellers hoarding and profiteering on the demand for concert tickets is just the tip of the iceberg. Teams running eCommerce, hospitality, and travel sites know all too well the negative impact bots and scraping attacks can have on inventory integrity, fraud, operating costs, and customer satisfaction.

On March 29&30, join your industry peers in this interactive session as Arkose Labs’ experts take a deep dive into topics including:

  • The rapidly evolving landscape of bot-driven, automated fraud
  • How eCommerce businesses can have a 98% reduction in ATO attacks or a 10x improvement in look-to-book ratios by eliminating bot traffic
  • Interactive demo of Arkose Labs’ bot management solution for stopping bot and scraping attacks

Register Now! March 29 & March 30

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