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SMS Toll Fraud


1 hour


Are you intrigued by the complexities and financial implications of SMS toll fraud? Join us for a transformative masterclass designed for seasoned cybersecurity professionals seeking advanced insights into SMS toll fraud, an escalating threat that costs businesses more than $10 billion annually.

What will you learn?

  • The financial aspects of SMS toll fraud
  • How bad actors penetrate your defenses
  • How telcos collude to inflate SMS revenue
  • Important security measures for stopping this attack
  • Why the scheme goes undetected until it’s too late

Who this course is for?

This session is designed for seasoned professionals seeking advanced insights.

What you will learn in this course

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Module 1
Module 1
1 hour
Video Lession
15 min

SMS toll fraud is a complicated threat vector. Learn about the complexity of this ecosystem, the players involved, the impact of crime as a service, and the millions of dollars potentially involved when these transactions are run at scale.

Video Lession
Mitigating the Attack
15 min

What are the SMS toll fraud telltales? Get answers to this and other questions as we guide you through what organizations can do to get in front of these attacks, identifying them before they create too much damage.

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Case Studies
10 min

SMS toll fraud affects all industries, and companies often don't discover the attack until later in the forensic process. Learn from real-life examples how businesses are saving millions of dollars successfully blocking these hidden cyber attacks.

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