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Last night, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Brisbane AWS Group in partnership with our excellent AWS support company, ITOC.

I spoke about a few of the core values behind why we chose Amazon Web Services and how we utilize it to create a system that is highly available, responsive and capable of handling network and system failures at very high scale. AWS excels at empowering companies to focus on the thing they do best — code their app, even when it comes to massive scale.

Co-Founder & CEO, Kevin Gosschalk, at the Brisbane AWS Group

Excerpts taken directly from the presentation.

For a product like FunCaptcha, a key security asset for so many companies, we simply cannot have downtime. AWS provides a large range of products like Route53 and ELB to ensure the service is always functional, even if an entire region such as Singapore were to go down. We work directly with Amazon to ensure our system is using the world’s leading practices and their latest and best tools for the job.

Through a solid working foundation via ITOC and Amazon, I’m confident in Arkose Labs’ ability to scale up and maintain the high level of quality we strive for across all facets of our product.

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