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FunCaptcha Debuts Chinese Language Support

June, 13, 20191 min Read

Over the last year, we’ve expanded our localized language support to an increasing number of countries across Europe, Asia and South America. The growing demand for translation has made it possible for FunCaptcha to advance into foreign languages that have been previously unsupported by most CAPTCHA providers, and to craft a verification experience that is meaningful to our global users.

Today, we’re rolling out Chinese (Simplified) — our biggest language yet — which will support more than 700 million users around the world with localized instruction and feedback. This achievement is made particularly notable because unlike most popular CAPTCHAs, FunCaptcha is not blocked for users in Mainland China.

We value FunCaptcha as ‘the CAPTCHA for everyone,’ and place great importance on making sure our service scales into new languages with grace and function. These advancements are underpinned by our core beliefs of usability and accessibility, which guide us toward translations that are enriched by native character. With that said, it is our sincere pleasure to welcome the second biggest language on the Internet to FunCaptcha –欢迎!