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Cybercrime-as-a-Service (CaaS) platforms have lowered the barriers to entry for attackers. These CaaS networks offer tools including ready-made bots, infrastructure, and services such as CAPTCHA solver services for conducting mass-scale cyber attacks. CAPTCHA solvers and other CaaS services help fraudsters bypass basic cyber defenses by utilizing technology to quickly and cost-effectively automate attacks.

But there is strength in numbers, and the emergence of CaaS has spawned new defense techniques. Organizations and technology partners can work together to address this threat with a combination of technical capabilities and pragmatic real-world tactics.

In one notable example of this approach to active defense, the Arkose Cyber Threat Intelligence Research (ACTIR) unit identified and mitigated millions of these attacks on the Microsoft cloud platform and provided insights to Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit to disrupt attacks and take legal action against the criminal actors. It’s a model your organization can leverage as well.

What you will learn:

  • How the cyber threat landscape has evolved from individual hackers to criminal organizations, state actors, and CaaS platforms
  • Why the emergence of CaaS has lowered barriers to empower an explosion of fraud and criminal activity
  • How to strategically target weak points and vulnerabilities in attackers’ infrastructure
  • Why your—and your technology partners’—SOCs are essential to identifying and responding to CaaS threats in real time
  • How your organization can disrupt threats with a combination of technology, threat hunting, and collaboration with cybersecurity experts and partners
  • Case study lessons from the real-world success of Arkose Labs and our customers like Microsoft to disrupt a pernicious CaaS criminal actor.

Who is the course for:

Threat teams, SOC team cybersecurity professionals, IT staff, and corporate security teams who are interested in understanding the implications of an incident on global cybersecurity practices. It will also benefit policy makers and law enforcement personnel who need insights into cybercrime operations and disruption techniques.

What you will learn in this course

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Module 1
Module 1
1 hour
Video Lession
The surge of Cybercrime-as-a-Service
12 min
Video Lession
Top Attackers to Know and How to Recognize Them
8 min
Video Lession
Proactive Defense Threat Hunting + SOC
10 min
Video Lession
Storm-1152 Case Study
22 min
4 questions

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