SMS Toll Fraud Masterclass

June 15, 2023

8 am PT // 11 am ET // 4 pm BST


Frank Teruel
Chief Financial Officer Arkose Labs

Join Frank Teruel, Chief Financial Officer at Arkose Labs, for an enlightening SMS Toll Fraud Masterclass. With extensive experience as a finance executive, Frank will explore the core principles of SMS Toll Fraud, dive into the latest market trends, and reveal how Arkose Labs equips businesses to effectively combat this well-hidden threat.

During the session, Frank will discuss:

  • Top tactics employed by cybercriminals to generate profits via SMS attacks
  • Risks associated with SMS toll fraud
  • How Arkose Labs approaches mitigating these attacks to prevent financial loss
  • Whether you’re a fraud prevention leader looking to fortify user authentication or a finance executive dedicated to safeguarding the assets of a business, this masterclass is a must-attend.

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