Find business peace with these TMT predictions for 2022

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According to a report from leading analytics firm GlobalData, the top tech themes to have an impact on TMT in 2022 include artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, cloud computing, 5G, Industry 4.0, and more.

GlobalData’s top macroeconomic themes in 2022 include Covid-19, geopolitics, China, and more. Its top regulatory theme impacting the TMT industry meanwhile is data privacy.

These trends will have an impact across all sectors, and, as a New Year’s evening of revelry, will likely keep CEOs up long into the night. Find out more with Verdict as we dive into the data that underpins the year ahead, and attend a free webinar taking place today at 4pm GMT as GlobalData gives a guide on some of the hottest themes for 2022 and the top TMT predictions for the coming year.

TMT predictions 2022: AI

2022 will see the expansion of practical, more subtle AI. The tech, GlobalData forecasts, will be integrated into the software and will play its role unobtrusively through autonomous behavior and feedback cycles.

Expect the further rollout of semantic search, generative AI systems, and computer vision (as profiled on Verdict last year), while developments in next-generation chips will allow further AI use cases in TMT industries.

Big Tech’s advantage in AI will only widen data and computing power are essential in the development of AI. Big Tech companies have both in abundance, and this represents a huge advantage. An example of this is Big Tech’s access to location data, essential for context-aware computing.

Big Tech is also using its vast troves of data to improve the performance of conversational platforms. Voice will be the primary user interface in the future, so Big Tech’s strength in conversational platforms will be a huge advantage.

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