Arkose Labs vs. DataDome

6 Reasons to Choose Arkose Labs Over DataDome

Arkose Labs provides a powerful solution to combat malicious bots and automated attacks, without impacting legitimate users. Our product, Arkose Bot Manager, integrates risk assessment, real-time intelligence, and user-centric enforcement to deliver unparalleled detection and protection against today’s cyber threats.

Competitive Feature Chart

FeaturesArkose LogoDataDome
Detection and Intelligence
Device intelligence and fingerprinting
Behavioral intelligence
Challenge data feedback loop
Use-case specific data and rule sets
Active threat intel inputs
Transparent and granular risk scoring
Challenge Capabilities
Native challenge capabilities
Dynamic challenge capabilities
Advanced puzzles
Certified WCAG accessible challenges
Detect-only mode
Deployment Options
Web site embedding
Supports multiple CDNs
Configurable rule setsLimited
Data and Integration
Full data transparencyLimited
Data API
Reporting dashboard
SIEM/SOAR integrations
Service and Support
Enterprise managed service
High-touch support
Dedicated anti-bot specialistsLimited
Response SLA
Proactive alerting
Multichannel support options
Credential stuffing warranty
SMS toll fraud warranty

Arkose Labs’ powerful and effective Arkose Bot Manager solution easily integrates with web sites and apps. A one-two punch of strong security, along with great CX, empowers leading B2C brands and Fortune 500 enterprises to maintain their competitive edge.

Here are 6 ways we keep ours:

Proactive Threat Detection

Arkose Bot Manager continuously defends against high-volume, automated attacks before they impact your business. Real-world threat intelligence and optimized, low-noise data sets—including device fingerprinting, anomaly detection, IP intelligence, behavioral biometrics, and email reputation—all underpin Arkose Bot Manager’s unrivaled ability to protect apps, sites, and their users from malicious bots.

Dynamic Enforcement Challenges

Arkose Bot Manager employs the defense capabilities of Arkose MatchKey, the strongest and most flexible CAPTCHA ever made, to actively capture and frustrate attackers in real time. While F5’s Shape tool has no native enforcement challenges, Arkose MatchKey deploys multifaceted puzzles to protect against bad bots, fraud farms, and reverse proxies. Expertly curated and dynamic rulesets tailored to real-world use cases and threat surfaces slow and trap attackers, miring criminals’ resources and removing the financial reward of an attack.

Flexible Deployment & Integration

With customizable rules and configuration options, Arkose Bot Manager can be tailored to industry- and business-specific use cases. The solution can be deployed in a variety of configurations across multiple content delivery networks (CDNs), with no-code, low-code, and SDK implementations for fast and easy deployment. Arkose Bot Manager is available with flexible commercial terms, including using credits from cloud platform marketplaces such as AWS.

Actionable & Transparent Data

In contrast to the simplistic pass/fail of other solutions, Arkose Labs offers full transparency with its data, including 125+ signals for clear and precise decisioning and to enhance downstream risk mitigation. This actionable data can be consumed wherever needed—in Arkose Bot Manager’s native Command Center portal, as a real-time log stream, via JSON API, or consolidated in your SOC’s own SIEM and SOAR platforms.

24/7 Expert Support

Arkose Labs’ Customer SOC is managed by bot mitigation specialists who provide 24/7 service and support. Their expertise and focus deliver immediate tuning, proactive monitoring, and real-time incident response. The Arkose team becomes an extension of the business, alerting and solving attacks before any impact, and leveraging multi-channel communications to keep you fully informed. This business impact is backed by SLAs and the industry’s first $1 million warranties against credential stuffing and SMS toll fraud attacks.

Global Intelligence Network

Arkose Labs operates a global threat intelligence network that collects and analyzes data and human intelligence from activity on the dark web and around the world. These proprietary signals enable us to stay ahead of technical advances and novel attacks, providing enterprises with real-time insights and proactive defense from evolving attack vectors and criminal behavior.

Arkose Bot Manager is an easily integrated platform with flexible no-code, low-code, and SDK implementations for rapid deployment and accelerated time to value. Multiple integration options, including rich APIs, SIEM connectors, CDN deployments, and more, give you the versatility and transparency you need to suit your unique business requirements.


Accelerate deployment and time-to-value

Arkose Bot Manager integrates seamlessly with leading third-party infrastructure and applications. Our flexible approach works on your terms, for swift and simple implementation and onboarding—and optimal performance. Arkose Labs is the ideal SaaS solution for businesses operating in today’s real-time, digital environment.

Fit with existing infrastructure

Vendor onboarding can often be an onerous, lengthy, and time-consuming process. But Arkose Bot Manager complements your existing application security and fraud prevention stacks, ingesting and sending data with other solutions via open APIs and pre-configured connectors. Rapid onboarding gives you immediate results, impact, and value.

We identify and restrict harmful web traffic

Arkose Bot Manager uses advanced analysis techniques to differentiate between harmful and legitimate web traffic. By employing machine learning, global telemetry, and the adaptive step-up challenges of Arkose MatchKey, the platform accurately identifies automated and human attackers while distinguishing them from genuine users. This capability helps businesses safeguard against attacks like account takeovers, card testing, and SMS toll fraud, reducing their impact and minimizing risk.

We identify and restrict harmful web traffic

We deliver strong account security and SMS toll fraud protection.

Arkose Bot Manager provides robust account security from the start, boosting conversions without relying on expensive step-up authentication methods. Our approach goes beyond generic screening by offering invisible protection for the majority of legitimate users. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to adjust the level of security to optimize the user experience according to the specific needs of the business.

We clarify inconclusive risk signals

We clarify inconclusive risk signals

Dynamic attack response verifies suspicious traffic by assessing uncertain trust signals. Real-time training of the decision engine through continuous feedback loops eliminates the need for manual review. With over 125 signals, Arkose Bot Manager delivers transparent and accurate decision-making, enhancing risk mitigation efforts downstream.

Our technology immediately impacts attack rates

Arkose Bot Manager halts cybercriminals by combining intent validation and interactive challenges with Arkose MatchKey. This approach effectively disrupts common attack strategies. New customers experience a significant reduction in attack rates within two days and achieve full deployment within three weeks.

Our technology immediately impacts attack rates


Arkose Labs sets a new standard for compliance, punching way above our weight when it comes to certifications and meeting compliance standards. As a competitive differentiator, we go the extra mile to ensure our platform and services exceed the expectations of customers. With a comprehensive range of certifications, Arkose Labs demonstrates its commitment to upholding the highest standards of data protection, operational excellence, and risk management. By maintaining an extensive portfolio of certifications, Arkose Labs showcases its dedication to security, trust, and maintaining a leadership position in the industry. Learn more about our compliance certifications.


Arkose Labs offers a comprehensive range of warranties to safeguard businesses against today’s pervasive online threats. Our innovative technology provides robust protection against SMS toll fraud, credential stuffing, and card testing. These warranties ensure that organizations can trust Arkose Labs to defend their digital assets, mitigate risks, and maintain a secure online environment. By leveraging their advanced solutions, businesses can focus on growth and customer satisfaction, knowing that Arkose Labs has their back when it comes to combating these specific threats.

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