CASE STUDY Kicks Bots Out of Digital Streaming with Arkose Labs




Business Problem

  • Bot attacks emanating from bogus accounts
  • Potential disruption to users watching and streaming events
  • Fake accounts hindered customer experience


  • Arkose Labs detected anomalous traffic that indicated bot activity
  • Automated attacks were then subsequently stopped
  • Arkose Labs showed significant improvement over previous solution (reCaptcha)


  • All bot attacks attempting to disrupt the site were stopped
  • Spam against good users was eliminated
  • Overall better customer experience was created

Overview is an up-and-coming social broadcasting platform that streams live videos in the entertainment, gaming, sports and esports spaces. It specifically caters to a tech-savvy audience, and is known for its sleek interface, design and experience. To help its rapid growth, needed a long-term fraud prevention solution, which put customer experience at the front and center and prevented any disruption to its streaming services.

The Business Problem had been working with a legacy spam and abuse solution, which was implemented at the new account creation stage. That solution, however, was susceptible to automated attacks, which were able to bypass its defense protocols and create new accounts en masse.

These fraudulent accounts would then perform malicious acts that would disrupt the service of the platform, such as interfering with live streaming videos. The company found this activity originating from older accounts which were created for this purpose. After laying dormant for several months, they suddenly became active to disseminate spam which damaged the experience for good users on the platform. is an innovative live streaming service which is experiencing rapid growth in popularity. This has made it an increasingly popular target for cyber attackers. The company knew it had to protect itself from these fraud attacks and maintain the top-notch digital experience its customers have come to expect.

Arkose Labs works. The proof is in the pudding. Since the implementation of Arkose Labs, we have not seen any attacks like the bot attacks that we experienced previously.

Demitrious Baird

Head of Risk, Compliance and Customer Support

The Arkose Labs Solution

Through research and word of mouth, encountered the Arkose Labs fraud and abuse platform and ultimately decided to implement it at the new account creation stage in place of its old fraud mitigation solution.

All traffic to the website is analyzed in real-time against known telltale signals of abuse, using a number of different factors, including device ID, IP address and location. When malicious traffic is detected, it is served with interactive challenges which determine the intent of traffic and provides additional behavioral biometric insights.

Context-based challenges are rendered in real time and are resilient to the latest advancements in machine vision technology. This means that they cannot be completed by bots and automated solvers, which could easily bypass the legacy challenge-response solution. The result was the elimination of the bot activity that had hindered the platform previously.

After this success, then put Arkose Labs onto its login page, in addition to new account creation, to stem the problem of the dormant accounts suddenly coming to life and spamming users. Together with Arkose Labs, they were able to shut down this activity as well.

Key Advantages

Powerful Remediation

Powerful Remediation

Challenges on the Arkose Labs platform can not be solved by automated scripts, even when they incorporate the most advanced machine vision technology.

Seamless Customer Experience

Seamless Customer Experience

Good users are never blocked, which eliminates the false positives that hinder customer experience.

100% SLA Guarantee

100% SLA Guarantee

Our platform stops all automated traffic.

Improve Customer Throughput

Improve Customer Throughput

In-band authentication doesn’t disrupt the users’ flow.

Long Term Resilience

Long Term Resilience

Arkose Labs philosophy is never to block any traffic, since that can tip off fraudsters.

Constantly Evolving

Constantly Evolving

The platform utilizes machine learning to adapt to the latest threats and trends in malevolent bot activity.

Demonstrated Results

  • Arkose Labs was deployed as the “first line of defense” against fraud and completely eliminated bot attacks at the new account stage.
  • Fraudulent accounts that were created prior to Arkose Labs being implemented, whichwerethen reactivated, were also stopped and prevented from disseminating spam.
  • Overall safer environment and better experience was created for users.

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