Solution Brief

Arkose Protect Shields Customers From Sophisticated Bot and Human-Driven Attacks

Security Without Compromising User Experience

Most attacks are motivated by a high potential for returns on investment from an attack. Arkose Protect stops bad bots and diminishes the ROI of an attack to an extent that the attack no longer remains viable and forces the attacker to give up or move on to an unprotected target.

Arkose Protect is an AI-powered platform that combines real-time risk assessment with dynamic attack response to detect and stop even the most complex bot- and human-driven attacks, without impacting user experience. It provides security teams with transparent insights that improve attack detection and the ability to use targeted friction to deter attacks.

Arkose Protect: Highlights

Combined with a targeted attack response, Arkose Protect features a smart and transparent detection engine that enables businesses to accurately identify and stop fraud early in the customer journey, while preserving a seamless good user experience.

The two components of Arkose Protect—detection and enforcement—work in tandem and share feedback to continuously enhance attack response.


The multi-layered detection of Arkose Protect uses real-time digital intelligence and behavioral patterns to catch even the most subtle signs of an attack, enabling businesses to choose the best countermeasures for their situation. Some key highlights of smart detection include:

  • Multi-layered device, IP, and behavioral detection
  • Access to 70+ risk attributes to enrich existing models
  • ML decisioning driven by 150+ global attack signatures
  • 24/7 SOC threat analysis and tuning



The dynamic and unique challenge-response technology of Arkose Protect meets modern threats head on. Our challenges empower businesses to ascertain a user’s true intent, while allowing genuine users to pass through unhindered. Bots cannot solve these 3D challenges, as they are resilient to advanced automatic solvers. They can present thousands of variations of easy-to-understand questions, and attackers would need to automate every single one individually. Malicious humans must invest more time, effort, and resources to clear them at scale.

Salient features of Arkose Labs’ proprietary challenges include:

  • Strong challenges that are resilient to today’s intelligent bots
  • Easy for good users, difficult for bots
  • Defenses for human-driven attacks
  • Universal solution that can be deployed in any language, culture, or demography
  • Superior user throughput over CAPTCHAs and MFA
  • 24/7 SOC monitoring with guaranteed mitigation SLA

The Arkose Labs Advantage

Arkose Protect guarantees protection from bad bots, backed by a guaranteed mitigation SLA and industry-first $1M warranty. It secures the digital journey of consumers, ensures user account security, and deters new account and payment fraud through:

Faster, more accurate risk decisioning

Using more than 150+ global rules and signatures to catch, our machine learning engine catches more fraud from day 1. SOC analysts continuously tune and customize rules to catch even the most subtle signs of fraud with greater accuracy.

Actionable risk intelligence

Access to more than 70 raw risk attributes helps businesses make risk signals more actionable across the customer journey. With self-service dashboards, get enhanced visibility into traffic patterns with clear explanations behind the risk classification.

Refine risk decisioning

Stop fraud and gain insights whether a session is a bot, a human fraudster, or a legitimate user. Use this truth data to continuously refine risk decisioning.

Optimized user experience

Regardless of the type or complexity of the attack, Arkose Labs delivers a user-centric solution to fight evolving attacks.

24/7 SOC support

Round the clock support through 24/7 SOC, which works as an extension of your team to actively sabotage attacks, fine-tune detection, and deliver actionable threat intel - without putting a strain on your internal resources.


Global brands trust Arkose Protect to fight bot attacks with precision. Visible results from customer feedback include:

  • Greater fraud detection
    • Almost 90% increase in bot detection
    • 15x cheaper than MFA
    • Improves user experience
    • 33% increase in throughput compared to MFA
    • 70% less friction than CAPTCHA
  • Global attack pattern detection
    • 3B attacks stopped annually
    • 150 global rules out of the box
  • Long-term fraud deterrence
    • 40M fraudster hours wasted per year
    • Reduce fraud attempts up to 70%
  • Greater risk insights
    • Add 70+ raw risk attributes to risk models
  • Rapid results
    • Deploy and see results in days


Arkose Protect provides modern digital businesses with long-term protection against automated and human-driven fraud by combining real-time risk assessment with its proprietary challenge enforcement mechanism.

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