The User-Friendly Art of Fighting Fintech Fraud

Fintech platforms attract customers due to their digital ease of use and seamless experience. But it’s that same experience that attracts fraudsters seeking to profit from compromising digital accounts, abusing sign-up promotions, and accessing customer funds.

Fintechs must be able to offer a login and registration experience that provides no undue friction to customers – while also keeping out harmful fraudsters. This is a fine line to toe, as marrying a data-driven approach with the nuanced art of undermining your opponent requires nuance and sophistication.


  • Ashish Jain, Chief Product Officer, Arkose Labs
  • Gagan Sekhon, Director of Product: Payments, Fraud and Identity, MoneyLion
  • Moderator: Peter Renton, Co-Founder & Chairman, LendIt Fintech

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