Arkose Labs Announces Series of Virtual Events as Industry Conferences are Cancelled due to Coronavirus 


COVID-19, commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, has wreaked havoc globally, with markets roiled, sporting events canceled and entire towns cordoned off and designated as “containment zones.” 

It seems like no aspect of daily life has been unaffected by this pandemic. Industry conferences have especially been thrown into tumult due to the Coronavirus. Even the venerable SXSW conference was canceled for the first time in its 34-year history. Those of us in the fraud and information security space were also greatly affected by conference cancellations. Here at Arkose Labs, we were looking forward to attending several industry events over the next month ago, including MRC Vegas (as well as its Paris counterpart) and several others. 

Conferences are important not only for the learning and insight we get from all the different panel discussions and presentations. Certainly, these are critical for professional development and education, hearing about new trends and insights and getting a glimpse at what direction a particular industry may be heading in. 

But there’s also the networking opportunities that are being lost. Conferences help facilitate new connections, catching up with old contacts and planting the seed for new business deals. You can also often learn as much from an informal chat with a colleague during the cocktail hour as you can from a formal presentation. 

These are valuable experiences that we will be missing over the next few months or so; not just the informative sessions that happen on stage, but also the time we spend on the exhibit hall floor, in restaurants or at parties with our fellow peers, colleagues, and industry experts. 

It’s impossible to replicate these in-person moments, but we believe the next best thing is to host events virtually. That’s why Arkose Labs is proud to announce a series of virtual events that we’ll be hosting in partnership with Paladin Group starting in April featuring panel discussions with industry leaders in several different verticals, including financial services, gaming, social media, digital content, e-commerce and more. We believe this is critical because fraud is constantly evolving and increasingly sophisticated, so cybersecurity professionals need to collaborate and share best practices. 

We hope these events can serve as a digital gathering place in lieu of physical conference halls and convention centers, a place where you can still hear the informative content and educational talks you would from panel discussions at industry conferences. And while nothing can replicate the networking and in-person chats you can have on-site at an event, we plan to make these web gatherings as interactive as possible. You’ll be able to ask questions of our esteemed panelists and (virtually) meet your fellow colleagues. 

It’s vitally important that we do our small part to fill the rather large void that the cancellation of so many conferences has created. We hope you’ll join us!

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