Ticket Scalping

1/3 of all online tickets are purchased through scalping

Fraudsters use automation to buy large quantities of available tickets so they can sell them for a higher-than-face-value price in secondary markets. Automation facilitates the acquisition of tickets at a velocity that would otherwise not be afforded to a legitimate user attempting to make the same purchase manually.

Ticket Scalping is also referred to as Ticket Resale, Ticket Touting, Ticket Fraud, Ticket Bots, and Brokering.

Arkose Labs uplift sales and keep tickets priced in line with demand

Arkose Labs detect when a fraudster attempts to buy or sell tickets at scale using automated tools and digital sweatshops – even when the activity is distributed across multiple accounts. This abuse is immediately intercepted by Arkose Lab's Enforcement, a challenge–response mechanism that concludes whether or not a request is authentic before passing it to the enterprise. This layer of security has been statistically proven to achieve the same throughput as when an enterprise uses no defense, and has been shown to increase downstream revenue.

Ticket Scalping cannot be stopped with artificial intelligence or bot mitigation

Fraudsters use Single Request Attacks to camouflage Ticket Scalping at scale. These requests simulate legitimate sources by obfuscating IP addresses, consuming dynamic fingerprints, using headless browsers, and executing JavaScript as expected. Single Request Attacks cannot be detected using artificial intelligence and must be independently challenged to neutralize attackers and their ability to retool.


Increase ticket sales and protect your event audience from scalpers

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