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The Arkose Labs Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit Returns in November

September 1, 20213 min Read

Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit emailer

Buoyed by the success of the first Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit last year, Arkose Labs is happy to announce that the second annual event will be hosted on November 9-10, 2021. The virtual event will bring together stalwarts from the industry, who will participate in expert panels, masterclasses, and live networking sessions.

Businesses are dealing with more customers in the digital realm than ever before -- and more fraudsters.  Fraudsters are taking advantage of high volumes of digital traffic to blend in with good users and sneak past defenses. Credential stuffing, new fake account registration, and human-driven fraud are all rising steeply, as is evident from our H1 2021 State of Fraud Report – Arkose Labs detected and stopped more than 80 million credential stuffing attacks in a single week.

As customer expectations continue to evolve in the digital-first economy, so does fraud. In trying to balance the fight against fraud with enhanced user experience, businesses are facing an uphill task of maintaining the sanctity of consumers' digital accounts. To enable digital businesses to understand and prepare themselves for the continued onslaught of fraud attempts, Arkose Labs has announced the second edition of Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit 2021 on 9-10 November 2021.

The Summit will feature highly respected and eminent personalities— Neil Walsh, Chief of Cybercrime, Anti-Money Laundering at the United Nations; Troy Hunt, the creator of 'Have I Been Pwned'; Brian Krebs from 'Krebs on Security'; Geoff White, host of the recent hit podcast 'The Lazarus Heist' — as well as more than 50 experts from companies such as Facebook, Visa, Expedia, PayPal, and more.

Insights and best practices

Spread over 25+ sessions, the virtual event will cover a variety of topics in online fraud and account security. It will also offer best practices from the industry’s top leaders, and present real-world solutions to the major issue of online fraud prevention and account security.

Participants at the event will be able to gain data-driven insights into novel attack patterns and hear the individual philosophies of panelists on how businesses can fight fraud and drive forward positive change in their industries.

Book your seat for an agenda-full learning

The agenda for the Bankrupting Virtual Fraud Summit 2021 includes sessions on evolving attack patterns and monetization techniques; the convergence of fraud, identity, and information security; and long-term account security and fraud deterrence strategies. The collaborative event will enable participants to fully explore the ways businesses can adopt to secure the user experience across digital platforms.

In addition to learning about industry-specific fraud trends and fraud-prevention techniques, participants can enjoy the opportunity to join industry leaders for networking and interactive sessions. They can also participate in live demos and engage with experts in interactive master class sessions.

In our constant endeavor to help businesses fight the scourge of evolving fraud, we recently announced the industry-first Credential Stuffing Warranty and are excited to host the second edition of the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit. We are grateful to our sponsors Feedzai, PayPal, Outseer, and Socure for their trust and unstinted support.

The Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit 2021 is free to attend and you can book your seat by registering here.