Money is what motivates cybercriminals.

As long as there is profit to be made, threat actors will continue to target user authentication points with increasingly savvy ways to mimic real customers and circumvent front-line defenses.

An intelligent combination of risk classification and the targeted enforcement of Arkose MatchKey thwarts the attacker’s motivation, while also allowing real users to easily authenticate.

How Arkose Labs Stops Attacks:

We uncover telltale signs of malicious intent.

We uncover telltale signs of malicious intent.

Arkose Labs analyzes traffic against telltale signs of malicious intent to distinguish automated and human attackers from good users. The platform uses a combination of machine learning, global telemetry, and adaptive step-up challenges to accurately identify and differentiate malicious from legitimate web traffic. This approach helps businesses prevent attacks like account takeovers or SMS toll fraud from reaching their intended targets, thereby minimizing impact and risk.

We uncover telltale signs of malicious intent.

We put the customer experience first.

Arkose Labs prioritizes a seamless and frictionless user journey, with advanced technology to effectively distinguish between genuine customers and fraudsters. Legitimate users enjoy a smooth and positive experience with increased conversions and higher satisfaction.

We deliver strong account security and SMS toll fraud protection.

Arkose Labs delivers strong account security early in the customer journey, while uplifting conversions over other costly step-up authentication. We go beyond one-size-fits-all screening with invisible protection for the majority of good users and flexibility to calibrate pressure to your optimal user experience.

uplift in good customer throughput over SMS.

We clarify inconclusive risk signals.

Dynamic attack response validates suspicious traffic with unclear trust or mistrust signals. Continuous feedback loops of intent data train the decision engine in real-time, eliminating the need for manual review. With 125+ signals, Arkose Labs ensures transparent and precise decision-making, enhancing downstream risk mitigation efforts.

We have an immediate impact on attack rates.

Arkose Labs stops cybercriminals in their tracks using a powerful combination of intent validation and the interactive challenges of Arkose MatchKey, both steps that work to sabotage common attack strategies. New customers see attack rates plunge within two days and are fully deployed within three weeks.

$1M Card Testing Warranty

$1M Card Testing Warranty

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$1M SMS Toll Fraud Warranty

$1M SMS Toll Fraud Warranty

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$1M Credential Stuffing Warranty

$1M Credential Stuffing Warranty

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Competitive Feature Charts

FeaturesArkose LogoAkamaiF5 ShapeDataDomeCloudflareHuman PerimeterXKasadaImpervaNetacea
Detection and Intelligence
Device intelligence and fingerprinting
Behavioral intelligence
Challenge data feedback loop
Use-case specific data and rule sets
Active threat intel inputs
Transparent and granular risk scoring
Challenge Capabilities
Native challenge capabilities
Dynamic challenge capabilities
Advanced puzzles
Certified WCAG accessible challenges
Detect-only mode
Deployment Options
Web site embedding
Supports multiple CDNs
Configurable rule setsLimited
Data and Integration
Full data transparencyLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Data API
Reporting dashboard
SIEM/SOAR integrations
Service and Support
Enterprise managed service
High-touch supportLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Dedicated anti-bot specialistsLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Response SLA
Proactive alerting
Multichannel support options
Credential stuffing warranty
SMS toll fraud warranty

Companies Winning with Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs protects the world’s leading organizations, 20% of our customers being Fortune 500 companies,

in major industries such as financial services, e-commerce, travel, technology, and telecommunications.

“Arkose Labs provided an effective CAPTCHA that is successful at actually differentiating between a bot, fraudster and good user”

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Sparky Toews

Sparky Toews

Principal Product Manager
Adobe Indentity

The Arkose Advantage

The Arkose Advantage
Optimized, Proactive Threat Detection

Optimized, Proactive Threat Detection

Real-world threat intelligence, optimized data sets, and real-time challenge feedback signals provide proactive defense.

Dynamic Challenge Capabilities

Dynamic Challenge Capabilities

Arkose MatchKey challenges provide a unique user experience, performance improvements, and powerful styling features.

Actionable and Transparent Data

Actionable and Transparent Data

Arkose Bot Manager offers precise decision-making and improved risk mitigation

Flexible Deployment and Integration

Flexible Deployment and Integration

Customizable and granular rules, runbooks, and configuration options for industry- and company-specific use cases.

Guaranteed Service, Support, and Impact:

Guaranteed Service, Support, and Impact:

24/7 SOC specialists provide immediate tuning, proactive monitoring, and real-time incident response.

Certified WCAG 2.1 AA

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a standard created by the W3C to help ensure that web content is accessible to all users. It is the most common standard used for web accessibility and covers a wide gamut of requirements, both visual and technical.

Certified WCAG 2.1 AA

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Backed By:

Sony Innovation Fund
Paypal Ventures

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