Financial Incentive Fuels All Fraud
As long as there is profit to be made, fraudsters will persistently target user authentication points with increasingly sophisticated tactics to mimic real customers and circumvent front-line defenses. 

An intelligent combination of risk classification and targeted enforcement challenges ruin the ROI of attacks while allowing real users to authenticate with ease.
How Arkose Labs Bankrupts the Business Model of Fraud

We uncover telltale signs of fraudulent intent

Arkose Labs analyzes traffic against telltale signs of malicious intent to distinguish automated and human attackers from good users. Our AI-powered solution classifies risk to remediate attacks based on true intent with full visibility into all traffic.
“Strong bot intelligence and granular bot management response features. Sophisticated use of ML technology for fraud detection.”
Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms Report



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We go beyond intelligence feeds to remediate attacks in real time

Suspicious traffic is triaged for dynamic attack response that effectively sabotages bots and wastes fraudsters’ time and resources. We don’t block any user outright, drastically reducing the impact of false positives.

“Arkose Labs’ definitive approach to remediating abuse freed up resources and energy so that we could focus on continuing to innovate the game for our loyal players.“
Matt Tomlinson, CISO

We put the customer experience front and center

Arkose Labs delivers strong account security early in the customer journey, while uplifting conversions over other costly step-up authentication. We go beyond one-size-fits-all screening with invisible protection for the majority of good users and flexibility to calibrate pressure to your optimal user experience.
“We are seeing higher legitimate user engagement alongside lower scraping activity, which are the critical metrics for us.”
Product Manager
Social Network Company
uplift in good customer throughput over SMS.

We clarify inconclusive risk signals

Dynamic attack response provides secondary screening to validate suspicious traffic with unclear trust or mistrust signals. A continuous feedback loop of intent data trains the decision engine in real time to shrink the gray area without manual review or tuning.
“What I like best about Arkose Labs is it’s effective at mitigating bots, easy to integrate, and a platform-as-a-service I don’t have to tune.”
Executive Sponsor
Fortune 500 Company

We have an immediate impact on attack rates

Fraudsters are stopped in their tracks from the powerful combination of intent validation and interactive challenges that sabotage common attack tactics. New customers see attack rates plunge within two days and are fully deployed within three weeks.
“Arkose Labs works. The proof is in the pudding. Since the implementation of Arkose Labs, we have not seen any attacks like the bot attacks that we experienced previously.”

Demitrious Baird, Head of Risk,

Backed by a $1M Credential Stuffing Warranty

The Arkose Labs platform is so effective against automated attacks, we’re the only vendor to offer a credential stuffing warranty for up to $1M in recovery costs from a successful attack.

The Arkose Advantage

Eliminates Bot Attacks
100% guaranteed SLA against automated attacks
Constantly Evolving Platform
Feedback loop between risk engine intelligence and authentication results
Real-time Response
Adaptive challenges root out automated attacks and sap fraudsters’ time and resources
Effortless Management
Powerful machine learning models select the most effective response strategy while reducing manual work
Solves the False Positive Conundrum
Legitimate consumers are never blocked and rarely experience user interdiction
Supported by Managed Services
Arkose Labs empowers your teams by working as a true partner in fighting fraud and delivering insights specific to your business

Platform Demonstration

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