Discover the range of cyberattacks that Arkose Bot Manager protects your business and your customers against.

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Fake Account Creation

Stop cyberattackers from creating fake accounts used to commit fraud and abuse.

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Bonus Abuse

Ensure your promotional offers and incentives go to legitimate customers, not bad actors.

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SMS Toll Fraud

Defend against international revenue share fraud (IRSF) and other forms of SMS fraud.

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Account Takeover

Prevent unauthorized access to customer accounts to safeguard against fraud.

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Loyalty Point Theft

Preserve the integrity of rewards and maintain a secure environment for your customers.

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Business Model Abuse

Web Scraping & Content Theft

Identify and stop automated website scraping attempts with unprecedented certainty.

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GPT Prompt Compromise

Get pioneering protection and proactive defense for your GPT applications.

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Man-in-the-Middle/Advanced Phishing

Safeguard your consumers from credential theft and intercepted MFA codes.

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In Platform Abuse

API Security

Gain powerful protection for your web and mobile-facing APIs.

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Inventory Hoarding

Deliver your inventory into the hands of genuine customers, not bots.

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Fake Listings & Reviews

Protect your brand reputation and promote honest feedback from real customers.

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