Creating trust in platforms whose business model depends on it
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As P2P (peer-to-peer) platforms expand across finance, lending, automotive, travel, work services, and more, fraudsters find more avenues to monetize stolen identity credentials.

Arkose Labs’ solution is one that’s tough on bots and human fraudsters, but easy on good users. The platform protects all user interactions on P2P websites and apps using a combination of risk profiling and enforcement challenges.

Fraud and abuse prevention for the sharing economy

Fraudulent Profiles and Listings

Prevent fraudsters from setting up fake new accounts with stolen and synthesized identity credentials in order to create bogus profiles or marketplace listings to defraud users.

P2P transactions

Safeguard consumer's financial credentials and protect your platform from malicious actors targeting P2P money transfer services to steal or launder money.


Trust is key in P2P platforms; keep your customer accounts safe from being used maliciously through robust protection of the login page.

Fake Reviews

Ensure the integrity of the platform by preventing bogus reviews and bot-driven upvoting and downvoting.

Spam & Phishing

Detect and stop large-scale abuse of messaging services in P2P platforms, targeted by bad actors to send malicious content

API Abuse

Prevent automated scripts from connecting directly to web or mobile facing APIs, posing as legitimate human traffic.

The Arkose Advantage

Stop Malicious Bot Traffic

Backed by a 100% commercial SLA against all malicious automation

Shift the Attack Surface
The bad guys waste time attacking a third party instead of your business directly.
Reduce False Positives

Suspicious traffic is challenged instead of blocked; good users have a ~98% solve rate

Seamless Integration

Deployment can be completed in weeks, with results seen within days of implementation.

Targeted Authentication
Enforcement challenges are tailored to the exact risk nature of the traffic.

Protect against evolving fraud patterns

Arkose Labs enables businesses in the sharing economy to ensure long-term protection against evolving fraud attacks, allowing individuals to transact with confidence.

Using a variety of digital “telltales” analyzed in real-time, the platform classifies bot traffic, malicious humans and good user activity. Suspicious traffic is presented with a step-up authentication challenge that is near-impossible for bots to solve, and saps the time and resources of fraudsters. Good users will rarely see it, and if they do there is a ~98% pass rate.

Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business