Keep digital media safe and free of fraud

Adoption of digital media and streaming services has exploded, which means fraudsters have also set their sites on these platforms. With more users than ever before, that means more potential targets for the attackers. Let Arkose Labs help you kick the bad guys out, while still maintaining the convenience and usability that streaming platforms have become known for.

Arkose Labs works. The proof is in the pudding. Since the implementation of Arkose Labs, we have not seen any attacks like the bot attacks that we experienced previously.

Demitrious Baird, Head of Risk, Compliance and Customer Support

Creating a safe platform for your business and customers

New Account

Streamline the account sign-up process and prevent fraudsters from using stolen or fake user credentials to set up bogus accounts.


Prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of promotional giveaways meant to attract new customers.

Automated Scraping

Data is revenue for media companies: Ensure you are protecting users and your own commercial success

Phishing & Scams

Protect users from spam and scams, as fraudsters create fake profiles to try and manipulate good users

Payments Fraud

Prevent fraudsters from accessing customer payments credentials or exploiting in-platform micro transactions


Stop fraudsters from reselling free trial accounts to streaming services at scale

The Arkose Advantage

Stop Varied Attacks

Challenges tailored to all types of bot and human fraud activity

Shift the Attack Surface

Let the bad guys attack us, not you

Eliminate Fraud

Detects and blocks both human and bot-driven attacks to reduce fraud by 50-90%

Constantly Evolving Platform

With a feedback loop between risk engine and step-up challenge results

Reduce False Positives

Increases good customer throughput by 15-25%

Bankrupt the Business of Fraud

By making it uneconomical for fraudsters to attack your platform

Protect against evolving fraud patterns

Arkose Labs enables streaming and media platforms to stop fraud on their websites and apps, while still maintaining a great user experience and enhancing customer loyalty.

Arkose Labs helps streaming and media companies tackle fraud and abuse in its many varied forms by using targeted friction combined with risk-based assessments. Suspicious traffic is presented with real-time 3D challenges that can’t be solved by bots, and that dramatically slow down human-driven attacks.

Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business