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Cryptocurrencies are a frequent target for attackers due to their low levels of regulation and limited ability to be closely monitored. Arkose Labs remediate automation attacks that attempt to breach Circle accounts with the intent of stealing or laundering money.



“Our team was amazed by Arkose Labs. Their definitive approach to remediating abuse freed up resources and energy so that we could focus on continuing to innovate the game for our loyal players.”

Electronic Arts

Online Gaming

Matt Thomlinson


“Arkose Labs provide the only solution that guarantees to solve fraud and abuse. As a security vendor, they stand behind their technology and remain deeply accountable to their customers.”


Social Media

Matus Faro

Former Head of Abuse

Fraudsters use high-velocity automation attacks to breach accounts and steal money. Q2eBanking trust Arkose Labs to intercept fraudulent login attempts, and to prevent downstream abuse in online banking applications.

Q2 eBanking


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