Our Customers See Results

By switching to Arkose Labs, Adobe reduced their user challenge rates from 10% to 2%, increasing sign up conversion and capturing more revenue

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Reduced friction on new sign-ups by

Dropbox reduced login friction by 70%, reducing customer service calls and false positives

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Login Friction Reduced by

Blackhawk Network saw 98% reduction in bot attacks and 60% reduction in human-driven fraud to protect their customers from gift card fraud.

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Reduction in Bot Attacks by

Companies Winning Against Fraud with Arkose Labs

Improving Customer Experience & Throughput

Arkose Labs reduces fraud and abuse and increases user throughput rates for multiple business units of Microsoft.

Arkose Labs puts a stop to fake new account registration on this shipping technology platform without impacting the user experience.

Arkose Labs helps significantly reduce fake new account registration without damaging user throughput rates.

Snap uses Arkose to reduce failed login attempts, improve good user detection, and reduce challenge rates in order to provide a good user experience.

Improving Resilience Against the Negative Impacts of Fraud and Account-Based Attacks

Arkose Labs protects this cloud storage software from account takeover attacks while reducing user intervention rates.

Arkose Labs prevents bot-driven attacks on new account registrations for this highly-rated healthtech platform.

Arkose Labs stamps out persistent bot attacks for major global prepaid and gift card provider.

The flag carrier airline of Singapore uses Arkose Labs to prevent fraudsters from orchestrating credential stuffing attacks at scale.

Lowering Operational Inefficiencies and Costs

Arkose Labs helps protect the video gaming and digital entertainment company on critical customer flows including logins, registration, and more.

The second-largest gaming company in the Americas and Europe works with Arkose Labs to eliminate in-game auction house & virtual currency abuse.

Arkose Labs helps tackle abuse of fake account registrations for this major tech platform for software developers.

Arkose Labs stops fake account fraud for the online metaverse and social networking site.

Adobe chose Arkose Labs’ Fraud Deterrence Platform to protect the new account registration flow for email addresses.

Arkose Labs helps this cloud communications platform stop fake account registrations and ATO.