Arkose Accelerate Virtual Summit to Feature Fireside Chat with Former FBI Cyber Behavioral Analyst, Enterprise Panel Discussion with Chime, Snap, and Yahoo!

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On Wednesday, July 26, Arkose Labs presents “The Network Effect in Cybersecurity,” the next event in its quarterly series

Arkose Labs, the global leader in bot management and account security, announced industry-leading speakers who will be featured at Arkose Accelerate, its virtual summit taking place next week. The all-star lineup includes: Crane Hassold, threat intelligence expert and former FBI cyber behavioral analyst; Charles Kirk, director of engineering for Chime; Nick Reva, head of corporate security at Snap, Inc.; and Anuj Batra, VP of product management at Yahoo!

Arkose Accelerate: The Network Effect in Cybersecurity will provide actionable insights and ideas from experts in hard-hitting discussions on attack trends and cyber strategy.

“The adage that ‘it takes a network to fight a network’ is especially germane to the game-changing shifts in today’s threat landscape,” said Frank Teruel, CFO at Arkose Labs. “The security ‘network’ is each of you –  a fully inclusive conglomerate of partners, customers, supply chain, experts, and internal constituents. Arkose Accelerate is the one industry event that you can count on every quarter to assemble the best-of-the-best into one place for critical conversations, peer-to-peer learning, and tactical solution sharing for defeating the criminal network. Join us next week to advance your understanding of generative AI, get your questions answered about emerging automated, volumetric attack trends, and power up to fight the cyber threat ‘Arms Race’.”

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Sessions from the event include:

  • Fireside chat: Crane Hassold, threat-research expert and former FBI cyber behavioral analyst, and Frank Teruel sit down to reveal how cybercriminals share successful tactics that help all fraudsters succeed versus hoarding successful attack vectors for their own use; the latest insights on fraudster motivations, and how generative AI has raised the stakes on both sides of the cyber battle, the challenges that creates for security teams, and how to use AI against itself. Hassold brings over a decade of experience providing strategic and tactical analytical support to cyber, financial, and violent crime cases.

  • Stronger Together panel showcasing Arkose Labs’ customers who are leading their company’s fight against cybercriminals that are using automated attacks. They will discuss how businesses can achieve significant success using Arkose Labs in the fight against malicious bots and bad actors, how we can collaborate, learn from each others’ successes, and how working together is a force multiplier protecting each of our businesses, apps, and customers.

Arkose Accelerate takes place Wednesday, July 26 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. PT. Event attendees will hear from some of the industry’s most influential thought leaders in the fight against cybercrime and malicious bots.

Teruel said, “To confront these threats head-on, cybersecurity professionals prioritize preparedness and predictive measures, which means ditching the black-box approach and digging into the data, weights, and attributes that drive strategic decision-making. We’re stronger in numbers, Arkose Accelerate is all about leveraging the network and connecting with peers.”

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