Arkose Labs Secures Leadership Position in G2 Winter Customer Relationship Index for Enterprise Fraud Prevention, Achieves Seventh Consecutive Leadership Recognition in Bot Detection and Mitigation

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G2 Winter 2024 Arkose Labs

Arkose Bot Manager Tops the List for “Ease of Administration,” “Ease of Set up,” and “Product Going in the Right Direction”

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Feb. 6, 2024 – Arkose Labs, the global leader in bot management and account security, continued to maintain its impressive standing on G2. In the fourth quarter, the company once again secured its place in the leader quadrant across various reports, notably Customer Relationship Index for Enterprise Fraud Prevention, Bot Detection Mitigation, Ease of Administration, Ease of Set Up, Product Going in the Right Direction among others. This recognition in G2’s Bot Detection and Mitigation Winter 2024 Grid® Report marks the seventh consecutive quarter Arkose Labs has earned this honor, solidifying its position as a consistent industry leader.

This latest recognition comes on the heels of Arkose Bot Manager being acknowledged as a leader in the Enterprise Americas Regional Grid Report for Web Security and in the G2 Fall 2023 Enterprise Relationship Index for Fraud Detection.

The G2 report ranking is based exclusively on legitimate and verified customer reviews. The relationship index highlights Arkose Labs’ commitment to its customers, which represent the biggest companies in the world, the high efficacy of its platform and a large market presence. According to G2, 100% of customers rated Arkose Labs 4 or 5 stars; 100% of customers believe Arkose Labs is headed in the right direction; and 97% said they would be likely to recommend its products. G2 calculates a product’s relationship score using a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for several relationship-related review questions. 

Arkose Labs collaborates with some of the world’s most renowned enterprises, providing solutions to effectively counter and alleviate the persistent onslaught of bot attacks orchestrated by malicious actors. Within diverse sectors including Gaming, Social Media, Travel, Financial Services, Entertainment, Retail, and Technology, businesses leverage Arkose Labs to thwart adversarial attacks targeting their platforms and customers’ accounts. Distinguished for its unparalleled effectiveness, Arkose Bot Manager promptly and enduringly halts attacks, translating to significant cost savings for enterprises and preserving valuable engineering and developer resources.

Arkose Labs Chief Product Officer Ashish Jain said: “In an era of increasing digitalization, the prevalence of bot attacks has reached a crisis state. The emergence of bot marketplaces from the dark web to the mainstream internet has granted malicious actors convenient access to ready-made tools for fraudulent activities. Our commitment to enterprise-level solutions is reflected in the design of our products, customer service and security strategy, prioritizing a seamless customer experience of the highest quality.”

Access your copy of the new G2 reports on the Arkose Labs’ website here.

About Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs, a trusted leader in bot management and account security, safeguards the world’s largest B2C enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and trailblazing businesses. Its AI-powered Arkose Bot Manager platform provides detection and protection, precisely distinguishing legitimate consumers from malicious bots and diminishing adversaries’ financial gains by increasing attack effort and cost. G2 consistently ranks Arkose Labs high for customer satisfaction and extensive market presence, based on verified customer reviews. Innovating the first cybersecurity industry guarantee program, the company offers $1 million warranties for credential stuffing, card testing, and SMS toll fraud. Arkose Labs is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with global offices in Asia, Australia, Central America, and South America. 


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