Q2 2022 State of Fraud & Account Security Report

The ROI for cyberattacks is greater than ever, and the number of active fraudsters has increased 10x in just a few years. To fight back effectively, you’ll need the latest intel. The Arkose Labs Q2 2022 State of Fraud & Account Security report reveals top attack trends from Q1, captured from analyzing billions of fraudulent user sessions across global industries.

For example, digital platforms saw 30% more ATOs in Q1 this year than the 2 years prior. Do you need this kind of insight?

Read this report to learn about:

  • 3 industries that were the target of 90% of all human attacks
  • The most costly downstream effects of account-based fraud
  • 4 fraud trends to watch in 2022 (including fraud in the metaverse)
  • How rookie and master fraudsters alike are profiting from successful attacks
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Fraud Reports

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