Eliminate fraud while
increasing good customer
traffic across web and mobile

Arkose Labs’ Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform combines risk decisioning with intelligent step-up to break down the ROI of fraudsters and protect digital businesses.

Microsoft Tackles Fraud and Abuse Globally Using Arkose Labs

See how Outlook.com uses Arkose Labs to improve customer throughput by 33% and reduce fraud and abuse 98%

Arkose Labs Named a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in IAM and Fraud Detection

Download the full report for Gartner’s analysis of the IAM and fraud detection market

Q3 2020 Fraud and Abuse Report

Data-driven insights into current fraud trends, with analysis of how COVID-19 is driving 2X increase in attacks


The only fraud solution with a 100% SLA guarantee

The Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform combines real-time intelligence, rich analytics and adaptive step-up challenges to progressively diminish the profitability of attacks while adapting to evolving attack patterns. LEARN MORE

Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform

Arkose Detect

A dynamic risk engine that uncovers the underlying intent of users.

Arkose Enforce

A challenge-response mechanism that roots out malicious humans and bots.


SLA Guarantee

Arkose Labs guarantees the system will prevent inauthentic requests from achieving viable scale with an SLA Guarantee

Use Cases

Protect against evolving threats across the full customer journey

Account Takeover

Prevent attackers from hacking into accounts using breached credentials.

New Account Fraud

Prevent bulk account creation by fraudsters who exploit sign-up processes.

Payment Fraud

Slash fraud losses through payment attacks.


Stop automated attacks targeting sensitive data on your websites and apps.

Spam & Abuse

Remediate large-scale spam and phishing attacks.


Protect your business

Arkose Labs helps protect against evolving fraud techniques which target your most critical customer touchpoints.

Stop fraud and enhance the checkout experience. LEARN MORE

Stop large-scale attacks through multi-layer authentication. LEARN MORE

Empowering financial institutions to proactively fight fraud. LEARN MORE

Protect online gaming environments from fraud and abuse. LEARN MORE


Customer Spotlight

Arkose Labs is trusted by security and fraud teams around the world

“Our team was amazed by Arkose Labs. Their definitive approach to remediating abuse freed up resources and energy so that we could focus on continuing to innovate the game for our loyal players.”

Matt Thomlinson


“We’re extremely pleased with Arkose Labs and their ability to solve a very expensive problem for us. I’d definitely recommend Arkose Labs for online abuse, fraud, or other damaging automated attacks.”

Tommy Kok

Web Infrastructure

“Arkose Labs provide the only solution that guarantees to solve fraud and abuse. As a security vendor, they stand behind their technology and remain deeply accountable to their customers.”

Matus Faro

Former Head of Abuse

“The difference between Enforcement and our past solution is night and day for us. Previous defenses created a bad user experience, while Arkose Labs solve the problem and make it fun for our users.”

Antoni Choudhuri

Engineering Director

Breaking Fraudsters’ Economics

The Global Cybercrime Ecosystem

The growth of cybercrime has created a parallel ecosystem of businesses – such as identity farms, click farms and money mule networks – that support this activity and share the profits. Arkose Labs enables businesses to proactively defend against the large-scale, organized fraud that is a product of this ecosystem, with a system that undermines the underlying economic incentives.


COVID-19 & Fraud: A Black Swan Event


Bankrupting The Business of Cybercrime

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