Account Takeover Survey: Top 7 Findings on the Impact of ATO

ATOs have become a cornerstone attack type causing largescale threats to businesses, risking individual account security, and hindering company growth. By gaining access to user accounts, attackers are able to make a significant profit which allows the industry of fraud to continue to proliferate and cause downstream attacks. Hear what IT experts have to say on all the ways ATOs impact their business.

Download to find out more about:

  • Why 70% of IT executives say account integrity is their top security concern
  • Why account takeovers can cost the average business $2 million annually
  • How 63% of respondents experienced problems with compliance standards as a result of ATO attacks

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Solution Brief

Stop Account Takeover While Lowering Friction for Trusted Users

Account takeover fraud has become a major challenge for digital businesses. Fraudsters use stolen information, that is readily available on the Dark Web, to enact all kinds of ATO abuse.

Download this solution brief to learn more about:

  • Making account takeover attacks impossible to perform at scale, while maintaining a smooth user experience for genuine customers.
  • How our tailored enforcement challenges to distinguish genuine customers from fraudsters attempting account takeovers.
  • How our unified end-to-end platform protects against not only ATO but other forms of fraud and abuse.