Bot Management Masterclass: 5 Key Principles to Win Against Bots

Despite the myriad of bot prevention solutions and investments businesses are making to tackle this growing (and evolving) problem, we are far from winning the battle. In fact, bots are more intelligent – and fraudsters more determined – than ever before. This means that fraud and security teams are wasting resources on headaches like false positives and negatives despite using prevention tools.

David Senecal, VP of Architecture & Research at Arkose Labs is leading this Bot Mitigation Masterclass that will arm you with 5 key principles of building a dynamic bot detection and response strategy that improves detection rates, increases decision confidence, and puts you in a more defensible position against bots.
Watch this masterclass to learn:
  • Important signals to distinguish a bot from a good user
  • What to look for in risk scoring models to increase decisioning confidence
  • Why reporting and data signals are critical – Creating a CAPTCHA response strategy that is both effective and user-friendly
  • How to detect and defend against computer vision and CAPTCHA solver services
David Senecal is passionate about detecting and preventing online fraud and abuse, with 20+ years of experience working with web performance, security and enterprise networking technologies through various roles (support, integration, consulting, development, product management and architecture).

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