How to Protect Financial Accounts from the Intelligent Bot Revolution

Cyber attacks by intelligent bots continue to grow in sophistication, with new tactics such as IP and fingerprint spoofing and headless browsers making it easier to target client accounts.

While today’s bots rely on complex signatures to pass as legitimate users and gain fraudulent access, banks can protect client accounts by using the latest technology to combat such threats.

In this webinar, find out from account protection InfoSec experts:

  • What makes it so difficult to detect the new wave of intelligent bot attacks
  • How behavioral biometrics and analysis can help uncover bots that mimic humans
  • Why robust challenge-response technology is vital in the fight against bots


  • Brett Johnson, Former USA Most Wanted Cybercriminal
  • Ashish Jain, Chief Product Officer – Arkose Labs
  • Mike Perkowski, Co-Founder and Partner – New Reality Media

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