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Arkose Labs for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

OTP Code Theft: A Weakness in MFA Defense

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks cost more than $2 billion each year globally and untold losses in diminished consumer trust. Even multi-factor authentication can’t stop them because bad actors simply bypass MFA safeguards. Protect your consumer experience and revenue-generating activities with an advanced threat detection system. Arkose Phishing Protection effectively thwarts MITM assaults in real time, fortifying login security while providing configurable, intelligence-driven solutions.

Detect, Alert, Deter

Stop MITM and advanced phishing attacks, also known as reverse-proxy phishing or adversary-in-the-middle (AITM) attacks:

Detect attacks in real time

Deter credential theft

Stop MFA/2FA code interception

Prevent stolen authentication tokens

Warn users with customized alerts

The Arkose Labs Advantage

Seamless Experiences

Authentic consumers easily, safely, and confidently engage with your business

Increased Customer Trust

Instill confidence and loyalty by safeguarding your consumers’ PII

Early Detection

Avoid downstream losses by proactively identifying threats

Improved Visibility

Enable real-time alerts on suspicious activity

Minimized Financial Risk

Reduce the likelihood of financial losses stemming from account takeovers

Managed Services

Gain a true partner in fighting attacks and delivering insights

Global Intelligence Network

Benefit from shared threat intelligence with a consortium of leading enterprises

“Brilliant product and great partners"
Arkose Labs has a fantastic solution that ends all bulk attacks against your system, manual or automated. Their managed service provides peace of mind and effective management on top of their incredible technology.

Sean H.


Verified G2 User
Verified G2 User

Arkose Phishing Protection

Arkose Phishing Protection offers unmatched cyberattack detection and mitigation technology in real time to prevent the exploitation of login credentials, usernames and passwords, one-time passcodes (OTPs), and session tokens. Key capabilities include:

  • Real-time attack detection using client- and server-side signatures
  • Managed phishing detection rulesets
  • Hostname allow and deny lists
  • Immediate, configurable end-user warning messages
  • Support for both active interception and monitor-only modes
  • In-depth visibility and detailed reporting
Arkose Phishing Protection

ACTIR and the Arkose Labs SOC

Arkose Labs works as an extension of your team to defeat attacks fast and deliver insights without straining your internal resources. The Arkose Cyber Threat Intelligence Research unit (ACTIR) safeguards against online attacks through threat hunting, risk intelligence, disarmament, and virtual enforcement, while the 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) team delivers rapid response against cyberattacks.

Arkose Phishing Protection Takes On EvilProxy

EvilProxy is a sophisticated and widely used MITM phishing-as-a-service kit that allows attackers to bypass MFA. Traditional phishing detection tools miss a majority of EvilProxy attacks, but Arkose Labs snares them. The proof: We conducted an analysis of requests on three login endpoints. Of 250 suspicious domains, 96% would have slipped past a traditional phishing detection method.

Traditional Detection Method

  • 10/250 total suspicious domains detected

Arkose Phishing Protection

  • 49 domains less than 60 days old (indicating they were likely created for attack)
  • 191 short-lived URLS (indicating they served their attack purpose and soon disappeared)

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