Protect the Online Gaming Environment

The video game industry has undergone a drastic evolution during the digital age. Seamless player onboarding, immersive gaming experiences, and in-game purchases powered by multiple payment options are attracting huge numbers of players to these preferred online platforms.

This rise has created an opportunity for an unseen enemy – fraudsters – to make easy money by launching attacks against legitimate players. As a result, gaming companies must deter these fraud attacks from the start, without interrupting a good player’s experience.

In this Arkose Labs solution brief, learn how new authentication technology protects good players and their valuable assets in the online gaming environment, including:

  • Preventing sophisticated automated attacks like ATOs from occurring at scale
  • Protecting in-game currencies and assets from unauthorized sales and purchases that could lead to artificial scarcity and inflation
  • Stopping fraudsters from creating multiple new accounts to abuse new account bonuses or collude with other bad players

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