Protecting Shopper Trust – The Role of Early Fraud Detection in eCommerce Account Security

Trust has quickly become the currency of our modern commerce. Customers expect a seamless omnichannel experience, but also want assurance they can safely shop, interact, and store their credentials on your platform. Meanwhile, digital fraud is shifting to an issue of account security, as fraudsters have sophisticated methods of compromising accounts and profiting from fake accounts without completing a transaction. As consumers build a deeper relationship with your brand across channels, protecting their identity is more important than simply securing transactions. 

In our new guide, Protecting Shopper Trust: The Role of Early Fraud Detection in Ecommerce Account Security, you’ll discover: 

  • Where most sophisticated attacks originate and their warning signs
  • Why fraud is no longer a problem for just fraud & payment teams
  • 4 core principles for detecting and sabotaging attacks long-term

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