Solution Brief : Arkose Enforce

Foil Even The Most Complex Bot-Driven And Human-Assisted Attacks With Arkose Enforce

Integrated dynamic attack response provides improved user experience

Arkose Enforce challenges are presented on the basis of the risk associated with a user, such that genuine users are not treated on par with the criminals. In a majority of cases, good users may not even encounter the challenges, and when they do, they can easily solve the challenges and continue onward with their digital journeys.

This is not the case with bots, however, as even intelligent bots cannot solve them at scale. This is because Arkose Enforce challenges are battle-hardened with the stringent training against the most advanced optical vision technologies.

In case deterred bots pass on the baton to human attackers, the adaptive, step-up challenges increase in volume and complexity, which wastes the time, efforts, and resources of the attackers. Arkose Enforce challenges are capable of obstructing the most technically evolved attackers too, and prevent them from clearing the challenges quickly and at scale. This delay and increasing costs erode the returns from the attack, which forces the attackers to give up or move on to unprotected targets.

Arkose Enforce: Highlights

Arkose Enforce provides a fresh and unique user experience, performance improvements, and powerful styling features. Arkose Enforce’s dynamic challenge-response solution provides the best of defensibility and usability.

Arkose Enforce presents thousands of variations of easy-to-understand questions, requiring attackers to automate every single challenge individually. Even with machine- learning training, these challenges would need more than 100 days of human labor!

Arkose Enforce challenges are by design accessible to a wide demography and transcend cultures, geographical locations, and languages, making them a universal solution for automated attacks. They can be customized to incorporate client’s brand elements for seamless user experience.

A 24x7 SOC team continuously works to track new attack patterns and behaviors to help our clients identify anomalies and mitigate attacks before they can grow into a bigger challenge. Information on new solver techniques is used to iterate and improve our defenses in near real-time.

There is no comparison between CAPTCHA challenges and Arkose Enforce challenges. Our challenges are cutting-edge and provide businesses with data-backed and explainable insights into why a user was blocked to adapt to the ever-evolving threats. This is not the case with CAPTCHAs that follow a black-box approach and offer no data or insights to improve future fraud prevention efforts.

The Arkose Advantage

Arkose Labs’ proprietary challenge mechanism has several patented innovations built in specifically to stop automated CAPTCHA solving. Deployed at the entry gates – registration and login flows – Arkose Labs acts as the first line of defense in the customer journey.

Arkose Enforce challenges are able to validate unclear signals to reduce false positives and minimize the need for manual reviews.

Analysis of real-time user interaction data allows for a quick triage of the incoming traffic to classify bots, human attackers, or good users and strengthen decisioning with ongoing truth data.

Ongoing improvements in risk-decisioning reduces the burden on security teams and customer support, alleviating MFA and support costs.

Trusted by leading global brands, Arkose Enforce foils account takeover, credential stuffing, and new account fraud, helping businesses scale up their defenses across geographical locations in-keeping with the local languages and culture.

Arkose Enforce challenges are unbeatable, even by the most intelligent bots. We back the efficacy of our solution against bot attacks with a $1M credential stuffing warranty and guaranteed SLA.

Proven Results

With effective fraud deterrence, Arkose Enforce challenges deliver proven results within a short span of deployment. Notable outcomes reported from actual client deployments include:

  • Reduced attack attempts by more than 75%
  • Improved good user throughput by over 30%
  • Improved user experience and conversion rates
  • Save time and operational costs while improving defenses
  • 70% less friction than Google reCAPTCHA


Arkose Enforce is a solution of choice for deterring all types of bot-driven attacks. Leading global businesses use Arkose Enforce to protect their websites, apps, and other digital platforms from automated attacks that can result in account takeover, credential stuffing, and new account fraud.

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