Top Account Strategies to Build Customer Trust

Account security is paramount in this day and age. Consumers rely on digital accounts to bank, make purchases, book travel, play games, and so much more. So it should come as no surprise that in 2021 there was an 85% increase in attacks targeting the login and registration points. We will discuss how to effectively safeguard digital accounts and create trust among your customers.


  • Jordan Harris, Senior Director Fraud Prevention – iHerb
  • Stephanie Olsen, Engineer Director, Customer Trust – Netflix
  • Brett Johnson, Chief Criminal Officer – Arkose Labs
  • Mike Daley, Director of Solution Consulting, EMEA & APAC – Arkose Labs
  • Ed Gower, VP Solution Consulting & Industry Practice – Arkose Labs
  • Lizzie Clitheroe, VP Product Marketing – Arkose Labs 

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