When Fraud Pays Off: 4 Trends that Lead to Profitable Attacks

With the ROI for cyberattacks being higher than ever, fraudsters have been investing more energy into the right mix of tools and resources in order to make a profit. These efforts threaten an organization’s reputation, the trust it has built with its customers, and ultimately, its bottom line.

Arkose Labs analyzed billions of transactions across our global network to uncover last quarter’s top fraud attack patterns businesses need to monitor to keep users protected.

Join Julianne and Brett to learn things like:

  • Which attack types were the most prevalent and what it means for consumers and enterprises alike
  • Why fraud “employment” nets fraudsters higher monthly incomes than CEOs at leading companies
  • How bot attacks have evolved in complexity, leading to a 60% increase in scraping attempts from Q4
  • What industries fraudsters target the most due to the potential ROI

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