Arkose Labs’ Fraud Deterrence & Account Security Platform

The Arkose Labs fraud deterrence and account security strategy takes an economic approach on preventing fraudulent activity in the long-term. Between our decision engine, intelligent detection mechanism, and curated enforcement challenges, the Arkose Labs Platform prevents against a wide variety of attack types while also evolving with the ever-changing fraud landscape.
Download our solution brief to learn:
  • The true motivation behind cybercrime and our unique approach to stopping attacks
  • How our system’s feedback loop allows our customers to always be one step ahead of fraud
  • How we offer fool-proof fraud prevention and account security without damaging the user experience

Recommended Resource:

Case Study

Dropbox Slashes Intervention Rates for Good Customers by 70% with Arkose Labs

Over 600 million registered users across 180 countries--both individuals and businesses--rely on Dropbox to share, store and collaborate. However, due to its popularity, Dropbox became a top target for fraudsters looking to abuse the sign-up process and hack into genuine users’ accounts. That's when it engaged Arkose Labs to help protect user accounts while not impacting the customer experience. Download this case study to learn how Arkose Labs helped Dropbox:

  • Stop abuse of new account registrations
  • Slash intervention rates for good customers by 70%
  • Create greater resilience to account takeover attacks