Unified Platform to Determine Intent and Remediate Attacks in Real Time

The Arkose Labs platform allows businesses to go beyond probabilistic risk assessments, in order to categorize traffic and remediate attacks based on true intent. Interactive technology roots out all automated threats and deters human-driven attacks in the long term. The unified Arkose Platform combines real-time risk assessments, targeted step-up challenges, and has a continuous feedback loop to protect against emerging fraud tactics.

Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform

Arkose Labs believes that the only way to combat the online fraud epidemic long term is to actively undermine the economic incentive behind attacks.

The Arkose Labs platform is designed to break down the business model of fraud by sapping attackers’ time and resources until attacks become financially non-viable. Achieving this in a way that does not negatively affect good customers requires an intelligent mix of real-time risk decisioning with next-generation enforcement challenges.

How it Works

Arkose Labs determines true user intent by analyzing traffic for behavioral telltales of fraud and testing suspicious traffic using interactive challenges.

Real-time analytics classifies and triages traffic, and informs the platform of any secondary screening required. Malicious traffic is presented with 3D visual challenges which are rendered in real time, that are unsolvable by sophisticated machine vision technology.

This eliminates automated attacks, and forces human attackers to complete time-consuming challenges that make attacks financially non-viable. Good users rarely see any challenge, and if they do, they have a ~98% first- time pass rate.

Arkose Detect

Invisible fraud prevention for the majority of good users, using an advanced risk engine with embedded machine learning that classifies traffic based on its risk profile. 

Arkose Enforce

Remediate attacks in real time with an innovative challenge-response system that tests high-risk traffic to distinguish between authentic users, malicious humans, and bots.

Arkose Global Network

Keep ahead of evolving threats using network intelligence that correlates attack patterns across industries and use cases, to detect anomalous behavior and emerging attacks.

Shifting the Attack Surface

Arkose Labs provides an intermediary platform to verify requests, acting as a buffer between fraudsters and the websites and apps they are so practiced in attacking. 

When a user completes an action on a page protected by Arkose Labs, the platform analyzes this for suspicious telltales. Rather than blocking traffic outright, high-risk activity is tested through interactive technology. The nature of the challenges cause automated scripts to fail.

Malicious human-driven attacks are presented with increasingly complex challenges that waste their time until they abandon attacks. Only authentic traffic is passed on to the enterprise, relieving the burden on in-house teams.

Zero Tolerance Approach to Fraud and Abuse

Seamless Integration

No reverse proxies, third-party infrastructure, daily rule-setting or single point of failure.

User Centric

The highest good user pass rate of any form of step-up, tested against MFA and traditional CAPTCHAs

Rapid Results

New customers see results within days and are fully deployed within weeks

Arkose Detect

Actionable risk-based insights classify and triage traffic, to inform the platform of any required secondary screening.
A risk engine for a world where digital identities have been corrupted at scale

Arkose Detect is a dynamic risk engine that analyzes data from user sessions and their interactions with technology.

It unearths behavioral patterns across devices & networks in real-time for accurate behavioral analytics and anomaly detection. Arkose Detect profiles traffic and triages it based on the underlying intent of the user, which informs dynamic authentication challenges through Arkose Enforce.

Arkose Detect Key Features

Arkose Detect allows for invisible protection for the vast majority of good users. It is simple to deploy for immediate results. Seamless integration with Arkose Enforce provides a constant feedback loop on the accuracy of its risk scores -making it the fastest learning fraud decision engine on the market.

Device and Network

Deep device and network forensics forinsight into users’ reputational integrity.

Continuous Intelligence

Digital intelligence and behavioral biometrics to assess the underlying intent of a user.

Risk Classification

Traffic triaged to the most effective authentication workflow - for truly actionable insights.

Location Assessment

Detect IP spoofing and spot suspicious activity based on true location.

Embedded Machine Learning

Self-optimizing system which improves with each assessment.

Velocity and Distance

Detect irregularities in user behavior using rate limits and timeframe parameters.

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Arkose Enforce​

A challenge-response mechanism, which delivers targeted friction to high-risk traffic to remediate attacks in real time.

Smarter step-up that increases good customer throughput.

Traditional step-up authentication solutions are failing to stop fraud attacks at scale, without killing businesses’ conversion rates. That’s why Arkose Labs takes a different approach to any other fraud provider on the market.

Through seamless integration with Arkose Detect, it preserves challenges for risky traffic only. Arkose Enforce generates 3D images in real-time which are tailored to the risk profile and cannot be bypassed by fraudsters at scale.

Challenge-Response Mechanism

Most solutions place too much of an emphasis on blocking suspicious traffic, which leads to good customer friction or letting too many bad guys through. Arkose Labs acts as a major obstacle for fraudsters, but an open door for your customers. 

We achieve this by taking a unique approach of not blocking any traffic, but rather triaging suspicious traffic to the Arkose Enforce challenge.

The challenges cannot be solved by bots and they become increasingly difficult for human fraudsters to solve. This saps their time and resources until they can no longer generate ROI from the attack. 

Good users will rarely see challenges, but when they do, they are fun and easy to solve, using brand elements to accelerate completion rates further.

Eliminate Automated Attacks

Arkose Labs is the only fraud vendor to offer a credential stuffing limited warranty for up to $1 million in recovery costs from a successful credential stuffing attack as well as a commercial SLA guarantee against bot attacks of any sophistication level as standard. Interactive technology tests the responses of a device behind the scenes, and presents authentication puzzles to suspected bots that cause them to fail.

Eliminate Automated Attacks

Arkose Labs is the only fraud vendor to offer a commercial SLA guarantee against bot attacks of any sophistication level as standard. Interactive technology tests the responses of a device behind the scenes, and presents authentication puzzles to suspected bots that cause them to fail. 

Challenges are created using 3D visuals, with countless possible permutations. They are designed against the grain of machine vision software, so that they cannot be recognized and classified by machines. Context and logic are used, which is simple for humans but hard for bots to make sense of. A wide bench of challenges allows businesses to rotate puzzles when an automated attack is suspected. 

All this means that it is impossible for fraudsters to launch a profitable automated attack on businesses that are protected by Arkose Labs.

Arkose Enforce - Challenge Types

All this means that it is impossible for fraudsters to launch a profitable automated attack on businesses that are protected. This ensures that a fraudster cannot launch and sustain a successful attack on a business protected by Arkose Labs.

Welcome to the Internet

Introductory challenge to assess the legitimacy of a user never before seen on the Arkose Labs network.

Fraud Farm Challenge

Target click farm traffic with more complex and time-wasting challenges to erode their ROI.

Proof of

Simplified interactivity challenges for users who have been flagged in low- risk scenarios.

Basic Bots

Identify basic automated attacks and deploy challenges that eliminate this traffic.

Proof of Work

Test of the responses of a device using interactive requests that are invisible to users.

Acid Test

Distinguish between trained bots and humans using randomized challenges that defeat automated solvers.

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Arkose Global Network

Shared intelligence across a global network for accelerated fraud and abuse prevention.

Network intelligence from a platform which protects the world’s largest brands
The Arkose Global Network allows all customers to benefit from anonymized shared intelligence. Historical attack pattern calibration correlates data across use cases and industries to detect anomalous activity and emerging attack patterns. A proprietary database of known fraud and abuse telltales can accurately identify returning attacks operating across the network. Businesses are able to benchmark their results in the Customer Dashboard using reports and visualizations that tap into network insights.

Key Features of the Arkose Global Network


Repository of known fraud and abuse telltale signals, made up of a clustering of information data points from a user session

Real-time Logging

Detailed logs of user activity sent in real-time, for transparency into the reasons for the platform’s actions.

Anomaly Detection

Analyze the network traffic patterns in real-time to determine behavior patterns across cohorts.

Historical Attack Pattern Calibration

Correlates attack patterns across use cases and industries to understand how they are orchestrated

Global Feedback Loop

Continuous learning from Arkose Detect risk assessments and the results of Arkose Enforce challenges to improve protection across the network

Dashboard and Visualization

An intuitive dashboard uses visualization and data stitching to deliver end-to-end insights across the customer journey.

Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business