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Email Intelligence Dashboard

September 21, 20233 min Read

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In January of 2023, Arkose Labs launched Arkose Email Intelligence to protect our customers from bots and humans manipulating email addresses for fake sign-ups. This solution combines bot mitigation with email risk detection to deliver outsize impact from the top of your user flow. And today, we have another exciting announcement to make—the launch of an Email Intelligence dashboard on the Arkose Portal. 

The Arkose Email Intelligence Dashboard

Our Email Intelligence dashboard will allow our customers to effectively monitor their traffic for risky email address usage, correlate with internal and external trends, and apply appropriate mitigation strategies through Arkose Labs or other mediums to stop such abuse.

High-Level Monitoring Of Sessions With Risky Email Addresses

The first section of the dashboard provides the ability to monitor the overall performance of the Email Intelligence solution. At a glance, customers can view the total traffic passing through the solution, the percentage of risky traffic among them, and the percentage of risky traffic that verified an Arkose Labs token. The verified traffic is a strong indicator of human-driven attacks attempting to exploit certain avenues of the customer’s platform.

Understanding the Email Intelligence Data

Typically, customers can look for spikes in traffic in this section as an initial indicator of attack. A spike will be a breakout pattern from the usual circadian rhythm. Once a spike has been identified, customers can look at the next section to narrow down on the modus operandi of the attackers to reach an efficient mitigation strategy.

The Attack Categories

The next section dives deeper into the modus operandi of the attacker. Customers can see the top four attack vector categories that are most commonly used by attackers to initiate email-based attacks. Customers can select each category and dive further deep into the attack trends on the time-series charts, knowing exactly when an attack started, the nature of the attack, and how long they continued to attack before stopping.

The Mitigation

The final section dives into the mitigation strategy used by Arkose Labs based on the risk identified. It enlists the telltales that triggered on the traffic along with the volume of traffic against each telltale. This section also shows the list of domains used by attackers. This information can be used by our customers to create further workflows internally to channel this traffic through more rigorous authentication flows to comprehensively defend against both botnet and human-based attacks.

Arkose Email Intelligence

Arkose Email Intelligence™ combines email risk assessment with the industry's best bot detection and challenge platform to stop bad bots and threat actors from utilizing fake, throw-away, or other high-risk email addresses in attacks on online services and applications. It’s designed to tackle abuse at the point of maximum impact: the top of your application's user flow.

  • Detect email address risk at the first interaction
  • Catch fake emails at account registration and guest check out
  • Multiply efficacy of bot detection and mitigation
  • Stop more promo abuse, spam, scams, and platform abuse
  • Improve visibility with actionable insight about email address risk

Find out how Arkose Labs can help your business stay protected from bots and bad actors using bogus, high-risk email addresses to attack online service and applications. Give us a call today and talk to an expert!