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Patrice Boffa

The compelling reasons I look for in a company were all in Arkose Labs, which made me join the company

If I look back at my career, I’ve been through multiple roles, companies with different sizes, growth rates, successes, and challenges. I realized that all the companies I worked for had an amazing culture and career opportunities.

The most exciting times in my career can be mapped to hypergrowth periods when we were dealing with the rapid expansion of the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and we had to scale. And so, what really made a difference for me, aside from the people and the technology at Arkose Labs, was the size of the company and the growth rate.

For me, there are a few compelling parameters that I look for in a company. And I found them all in Arkose Labs.

  • The culture and the people: Arkose Labs is a human-sized company with great people and core values. At 100 employees, it is possible to make and execute decisions faster. The great culture and an on-going investment on the employees is an incredible foundation that makes scaling the company easier over time.
  • The technology: Over the last ten years, I’ve worked with many security services and products. And I am fully aware that product focus and technology is critical for the success of a company. Arkose Labs is recognized as a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in IAM and Fraud Detection, which is a great external validation of the technology.
  • The investors and customers: If you look at the investors that Arkose Labs boasts of—Microsoft and PayPal—it demonstrates that we have a solid product and vision in the fraud space. And then, when you look at Arkose Labs’ customers, you see all the recognizable logos of the industry leaders.

Putting all these parameters together leaves little doubt that Arkose Labs is a great company, with a great product that has investors, customers, and industry validation.

In a state of hypergrowth

If you add all the above mentioned positive criteria to the fact that Arkose Labs is currently in the hypergrowth state, it really got me excited about joining the company. In my career, I have been through those hypergrowth periods and they were the best times of my professional life.

Companies experiencing hypergrowth are incredibly exciting to be a part of. This is because you get a chance to apply the lessons you have learned from your previous experiences and create incremental value. You want to introduce new ideas and play a major role in solving complex challenges.

In the case of Arkose Labs, hypergrowth at 100 people makes everything go faster. You will see the impact of your decisions right away, which is incredibly rewarding if you get things right. And, it also always gives you the opportunity to fix them fast if you do get something wrong.

And, the decision is made

What sealed the deal for me, were my conversations with the Founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk. He gave me a clear understanding of his and Arkose Labs’ expectations looking at my knowledge and experience and how I could help the company scale.

Those are all the reasons that drove my decision to join Arkose Labs. I have experienced an incredible initial couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2021.

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