Fraud Prevention

The Top 7 Reasons Businesses Choose Arkose Labs

January, 27, 20227 min Read

As attacks against digital businesses become more persistent and harder to detect, it’s imperative that organizations of all sizes choose the right security and fraud vendors to work with. To fend off these sophisticated attacks, businesses need solutions they can rely on for the utmost accuracy and resilience. 

That’s why the most innovative global companies work with Arkose Labs in order to protect their customer-facing touchpoints from fraud and attacks. Not only does Arkose Labs keep digital platforms and user accounts safe and secure, but we do it in such a way that does not cause undue friction to customers or force them out-of-band. There are many reasons why some of the world’s largest enterprises choose the Arkose Labs Fraud Deterrence Platform, but here are the top seven. 

We address inconclusive risk signals with action

Digital accounts are critical to building customer relationships and driving revenue, and customers expect that the businesses they interact with will keep them safe.

Arkose Labs helps companies do just that with a platform that provides a unique combination of risk assessments, machine learning-powered decisioning, and user-centric step-up. It is centered around an AI-driven decision engine that allows trusted users to pass through without friction while orchestrating a targeted attack response for suspected fraud. The decision engine determines user intent and risk classification by comparing real-time signals of traffic to our global network of data. Traffic classified as high-risk in our detection platform and be administered a curated enforcement challenge. 

This enables businesses to keep digital accounts safe and stops attacks at the front-end before they can commit a whole host of downstream fraud. The platform continuously learns and is refined to combat the evolving threat landscape, meaning businesses are protected against attacks both now and in the future. 

Beyond Fraud Mitigation to Fraud Deterrence

Despite continual investments in security tools and personnel, businesses are still being constantly attacked. And fighting these attacks can often be difficult because businesses typically deploy defenses to stop specific attacks, which then, in turn, causes bad actors to pivot and leads only to a perpetual cat-and-mouse game.

However, Arkose Labs creates long-term deterrence by making attacks unprofitable. This hits attackers where it hurts the most: their wallet.  We’ve seen it time and time again: if attackers aren’t making money, they will cease what they're doing. Our challenges are designed against the latest advancements in machine vision technology, meaning they cannot be solved by even the most sophisticated bots. They are also generated in real-time and at random, meaning they cannot be studied or programmed against beforehand. Human attackers are continually served time-sapping challenges designed to make them give up and abandon the attack.

Stopping Bots Dead in Their Tracks

Automation is what powers large-scale coordinated attacks against digital businesses. What’s worse, bots have become more sophisticated and can bypass traditional defenses. Bots enable attackers to go after a massive amount of targets with minimal effort and expense.

However, the Arkose Labs defense-in-depth approach detects bots of all sophistication levels and can adapt to the full range of bot attacks and monetization tactics affecting businesses. We take a multi-layered approach to identify and root out automated attacks. This involves dynamic evaluation of traffic in real-time, segmenting traffic based on suspicion level, and then delivering an appropriate response. This creates high barriers to entry for fraudsters looking to circumvent challenges at scale, making it extremely difficult for automated bots to wriggle in.

In fact, the Arkose Labs solution is so effective at rooting out automated attacks, that it is backed by a guaranteed SLA to mitigate, not just respond to attacks. This provides commercial assurance that it will defeat bots attacks within a set timeframe, diminishing its ability to impact users with phishing scams, malicious messages, and other forms of abuse.

Accountability and Commitment to Stopping Attacks

At Arkose Labs, we believe our platform is only as good as the outcomes it delivers. Our mission to bankrupt the business of fraud comes with a commitment to stopping attackers with unmatched efficacy. 

Unfortunately, there’s not enough accountability in the fraud prevention space today when businesses fall victim to successful bot attacks. Currently, there is little recourse when vendors fail to meet promises of stopping attacks and it costs the business time, money, and user trust.

We believe businesses deserve better partnership from vendors - to be in it with them through the attacks and ensure attackers are effectively thwarted. That’s why we developed the industry’s first warranty against credential stuffing attacks. This warranty provides commercial assurance that Arkose Labs will deliver the most robust protection against credential stuffing attacks available on the market today. It includes up to $1 million recoverable for covered losses and a 48-hour remediation guarantee. This is in addition to our existing 100% SLA around automated attacks. 

We Put a Premium on User-Centricity 

Too often, businesses find themselves choosing between robust security and a seamless user experience. Implementing heavy-handed security methods can stop many attacks, but it also will catch many real customers in its net, hurting customer experience and revenue. Sometimes,  security protocols are sacrificed for the sake of conversion optimization, accepting a level of attackers getting through to be dealt with at a later stage.

Arkose Labs helps businesses put robust defenses early in the customer journey without impeding good user throughput. This means businesses don’t have to choose between security and growth. Our platform is designed from the ground up with user-centricity in mind. Most traffic doesn’t fall under strictly “good” or strictly “bad” parameters. As fraudsters have gotten more adept at masking their identity appearing as “good” traffic, this leads to a large gray area of traffic that can’t be easily identified. Dealing with this gray area is critical to protecting businesses and not disrupting the good user experience.

The Arkose Labs platform examines intent rather than only identity, looking for telltale signs of suspicious activity. We utilize layered intelligence (including device fingerprint, location, network forensics, behavioral biometrics) supplemented with global insights from billions of transactions across our network, reinforced by truth data.

True Partnership with Service You Can Count On

The fast-evolving threat landscape means that businesses need to have constant communications with their security vendors. There can’t be a “set it and forget it” mentality. If a major attack is happening, you need to be coordinating with your vendors now, not 48 hours from now, or only during business hours.

That’s why Arkose Labs has a 24/7 SOC ready to help customers with any issues that arise. Each client also has their own dedicated Slack for any time communication with the team they work with at Arkose Labs. 

Rather than being a “one size fits all” solution, our SOC and professional services team work with clients to deliver customized solutions and actionable insight pertaining to the specific issues they are seeing. Quarterly business reviews are conducted to ensure Arkose Labs is meeting its KPIs and that everything is progressing in the right direction. 

Open Platform with Data Transparency

Businesses are often forced to simply trust in risk scores with little visibility from vendors into the reasons behind their decisions or the ability to leverage learnings in their own models. This is not how it should be.

The Arkose Labs platform does not merely function as a “black box” simply feeding back a probabilistic risk score with little information on what to do with it. We instead share detailed attributes about high-risk traffic with recommendations on the best measures to address the attack signature. Our solution provides extensive data on the device, network, and user behavior.

Our flexible, open platform also integrates seamlessly with the leading third-party applications used by businesses today. This allows for swift and simple implementation, onboarding, and optimal performance without the need for on-site hardware.