Arkose Labs launches email intelligence solution

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US-based fraud prevention company Arkose Labs has launched an email intelligence solution to stop bots and bad actors from using fake or risky email addresses in online attacks.

Entitled Arkose Email Intelligence, the solution combines bot mitigation with accurate email risk detection. The company aims to ensure the delivery of increased security with ROI when it comes to online services and applications by leveraging multi-layered email risk assessment.

Online fraud and how the solution falls into place

As per information provided in the company’s press release, legacy email intelligence services are not optimised and are too high-cost to be used in high-volume applications that are targeted by bot-driven attacks, of the likes of new account registration.

The Arkose Email Intelligence solution combines email risk detection with the Arkose Protect bot detection and challenge platform looking to create an email intelligence solution that stops bots and bad actors from making use of fake, throw-away, or other high-risk email addresses to create synthetic online accounts and have volumetric account takeover (ATO) attacks deployed.

Furthermore, apart from helping prevent automated and fraud farm attacks, Arkose Email Intelligence offers over 40 actionable data insights for businesses, with the detailed data points and signals providing a multifaceted view of the risk associated with the email address for further decisioning and threat assessment. Additionally, the solution is also compliant with all applicable data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA.

As per press release information, following the solution’s early-access programme, customers have noticed an increase of 20% and more to their attack catch rates.

Context of the solution

Throughout 2022, as detailed in the announcement, fake account creation has seen an 81% increase in the second half of the year, in comparison with the first half. Furthermore, ATOs were equally severe during the same year, having comprised an 11% of all attack attempt sessions.

What is more, market demand for an email intelligence solution that has both strong efficacy and affordable price structure has been high. As incumbent services are oftentimes highly expensive, CISOs and product teams are driven to resort to deploying email intelligence at limited points, deeper in an application’s user flow, for example at payment transaction. Based on press release information, this trade-off leaves critical moments, of the likes of the creation of a new account, vulnerable to attack and abuse with either fraudulent or high-risk email addresses.

Having this knowledge at its basis, Arkose Email Intelligence is designed to enable increased protection against abuse at a lower price, looking to give enterprises the option to afford email intelligence beyond traditional transactions. When commenting on the solution, company representatives advised that email intelligence solutions are powerful, however when deploying it at limited points in an application’s user flow, companies are left unprotected.

The company was looking to create a product that democratises email intelligence and partnered with customers to bring to market a product that provides CISOs with the security they want – from log-in and sign-up, to payment transaction.

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