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Arkose Bot Manager Natively Integrated into Auth0

New Opportunity and Horizons

When Auth0 prospects and customers began to specifically request enhanced bot protection, the company recently opted to integrate Arkose Bot Manager, the leading enterprise-grade, no-code solution, into their client dashboard.

As a result of this native integration, Auth0 prospects and customers can now easily leverage both platforms in tandem to layer, thus advance, their overall security posture.


Auth0 is an identity and access management platform that addresses various pain points related to user authentication and authorization. It offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to help businesses overcome common IAM issues and enhance their security posture, including bot management.

Auth0 and Arkose Labs provide security solutions with a focus on preventing fraudulent activities and protecting against attacks. Auth0 offers various attack prevention capabilities, such as anomaly detection, brute-force protection, and risk-based authentication, which help to identify and mitigate potential security threats during the authentication process.


More about Arkose Bot Manager

Automated bots and human fraud farms are bad actors’ favorite methods to commit volumetric attacks on companies. If you stop bad bots at the edge, however, most solutions are static, which is why attackers quickly figure out work-arounds. But there’s a new way forward with Arkose Labs and its groundbreaking product, Arkose Bot Manager.

Arkose Bot Manager is the leading software in bot prevention. It detects and stops insidious, sophisticated attacks immediately and permanently while simultaneously increasing legitimate consumer pass rates. In the first half of 2023, the Arkose Labs threat research team observed a nearly 300% increase in intelligent bot attacks particularly at account sign-up and sign-in – the most attacked digital touchpoints today – on the most recognizable global enterprises.

More about Arkose Bot Manager

G2 ranks Arkose Bot Manager as a bot detection and mitigation leader with the easiest solution to deploy and use, including high scores for customer support and customer relationships, based on real and verified customer reviews.

G2 Leader Fall 2023
G2 Leader Americas Fall 2023
G2 Easiest Set up Fall 2023
G2 Best Relationship Enterprise Fall 2023

How Arkose Bot Manager Works

At its core, Arkose Bot Manager leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and distinguish between genuine human users and malicious bots.

By continuously monitoring and adapting to evolving attack patterns, it detects even the most sophisticated bot activity, safeguarding digital assets from unauthorized access without affecting good user throughput.

The dynamic enforcement mechanism of Arkose Matchkey is a key feature to Arkose Bot Manager, as it presents users with interactive challenges to determine legitimacy. These challenges disrupt the automated workflows of malicious bots, forcing them to either fail or expend significant resources in attempting to bypass the defenses. Meanwhile, legitimate users can seamlessly complete the challenges, ensuring a frictionless experience and preserving user satisfaction.

Arkose Bot Manager also offers real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting. This capability allows businesses to gain valuable insights into bot trends and attack patterns. This data empowers enterprises to make informed, actionable decisions, fine-tune their security strategies, and proactively protect against future threats.

Transparent data sharing is a major differentiator:

  • 110 data points so that you can tune your internal models
  • 175+ telltales in categories
    • known bots and automation
    • device intelligence
    • behavioral biometrics
    • email intelligence,
    • headless browsers
    • IP reputation

Auth0 + Arkose Labs = Immediate Bot Prevention

Now your prospects and customers can have the best of both worlds to create a delightful legitimate consumer experience while stopping malicious bots.

  1. Every company has access to the top, enterprise-grade bot management solution
  2. Simple integration and easy daily use via a no-code technology suite
  3. Integrate within 5 minutes; experience immediate results
  4. 24/7/365 customer support and managed services through the experienced Arkose Labs Customer SOC team

Tackle Top 4 Use Cases Faster with Auth0 and Arkose Bot Manager

Credential Stuffing

Credential Stuffing

Account Takeover

Account Takeover

Fake Account Creation

Fake Account Creation

SMS Toll Fraud

SMS Toll Fraud


Arkose Labs is the first and only company to offer three $1 Million Warranties.

The intention behind these groundbreaking warranties is two-fold:

  1. To provide prospects and customers a high-level of assurance around technology efficacy and confidence that we’ve got their back.
  2. To challenge the cybersecurity industry to rise to a new standard. We believe “best efforts” simply aren’t good enough.

Common to all three warranties::

  • Robust defense
  • Protection with superior user CX
  • Strong partnership against specific attacks
  • Backed by top-tier insurance carrier
$1M Card Testing Warranty

$1M Card Testing Warranty

Read About Warranty Benefits
$1M SMS Toll Fraud Warranty

$1M SMS Toll Fraud Warranty

Read About Warranty Benefits
$1M Credential Stuffing Warranty

$1M Credential Stuffing Warranty

Read About Warranty Benefits

Why Your Prospects and Customers Care

  1. They now have choice
  2. They now have proven, high-efficacy technology

Your prospects and customers can now choose to switch from an IP reputation-only solution to a complete, modern bot management solution to detect and stop attacks immediately and permanently.

Validation occurs faster and more accurately than other solutions. Arkose Bot Manager’s token validation occurs further up the pipe. It functions at “the edge”, which reduces the time to validate tokens.


Work with the company that 20% of the Fortune 500 trusts. Arkose Labs works with the biggest companies in the world and category leaders across multiple industries, including frontier AI sectors.

Arkose Labs is backed by tier-one venture capital, including Microsoft’s M12, Softbank, Wells Fargo, U.S. Venture Partners

Singapore Airlines
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Twitter – X
Pitney Bowes

Bank-grade Compliance

Arkose Labs prides itself on implementing and sustaining a bank-grade, global compliance posture, as required by regulators and the biggest companies in the world’s Chief Compliance Officers. Arkose Labs is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Most recently it received compliance certification with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Certificates of Registration Auth0

About Arkose Labs

The mission of Arkose Labs is to create an online environment where all consumers are protected from online spam and abuse. Recognized by G2 as the 2023 Leader in Bot Detection and Mitigation, with high scores for ease of set-up and administration as well as customer satisfaction, six quarters running, Arkose Labs offers the world’s first $1M warranties for credential stuffing, SMS toll fraud, and card testing. With 20% of our customers being Fortune 500 companies, our AI-powered platform combines powerful risk assessments with dynamic threat response to undermine the strategy of attack, all while improving good user throughput. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, India, and the U.K., Arkose Labs protects enterprises from cybercrime and abuse.

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Arkose Labs
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