Our Promise to Deliver

Our Promise to Deliver

Real Impact, More Confidence, Better ROI

Arkose Bot Manager identifies and stops the bots that fraudsters use to execute SMS toll fraud attacks. Our industry-first SMS Toll Fraud Warranty covers up to $1 million in telecom expenses if Arkose Bot Manager fails to defeat an SMS toll fraud attack on an Arkose managed service customer within the SLA.

  • Robust defense preventing IRSF/SMS toll fraud
  • Effective protection with superior user CX
  • Strong partnership against SMS fraud attacks
  • Backed by top tier insurance carrier

What Is SMS Toll Fraud?

SMS Toll Fraud, also known as SMS pumping or International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), is a growing form of cyberattack in which scammers abuse account registration, 2FA, and similar mechanisms to send large volumes of SMS messages to premium rate numbers, resulting in fraudulent SMS charges to a business. These massively inflated charges can amount to millions of dollars a month. One study showed that SMS Toll Fraud cost businesses $10 billion in 2021, up from $1.8 billion in 2013.

What Is SMS Toll Fraud?

Estimate Your SMS Toll Fraud Cost Savings

Quickly and easily estimate the potential cost savings associated with stopping SMS toll fraud. Use our calculator to estimate the potential cost savings to your business and reveal the ROI of Arkose Bot Manager and our SMS Toll Fraud Warranty.

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Total monthly SMS bill


Percent of SMS monthly bill from high-risk countries
i High Risk Areas: ‘TD’,‘NG’,‘KW’,‘SD’,‘AZ’,‘BO’,‘ID’,‘EG’,‘MY’,‘TZ’,‘KE’,‘YE’,‘JO’,‘RU’,‘LK’,‘OM’,‘GB’,‘IL’,‘VN’,‘BA’,‘BH’,‘GE’,‘RE’,‘MW’,‘PH’,‘BJ’,‘TN’,‘KG’,‘SI’,‘BD’,‘UA’,‘CO’,‘PR’,‘TJ’,‘IQ’,‘LY’,‘SN’,‘BF’,‘UZ’,‘PK’,‘PS’,‘ER’


Estimated percent of fake accounts being opened/fake SMS messages being sent


Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

Arkose Labs protects the world’s leading organizations, 20% of our customers being Fortune 500 companies, in major industries such as financial services, e-commerce, travel, technology, and telecommunications.

Gaming Merchant


$3 million

per month in fraudulent SMS charges

Social Media Company



per month savings in fraudulent SMS charges


Frank Teurel, Chief Financial Officer

“Arkose already has saved customers millions in fraudulent SMS charges by stopping these attacks. Frankly, this type of warranty should be table stakes for any security vendor.”


Stop bots, not customers.
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