Arkose Labs vs. reCAPTCHA

Arkose Labs vs. reCAPTCHA Comparison

Bot and Fraud Detection

FeaturesArkose LogoreCAPTCHA v3reCAPTCHA
Headless browser detection
Risk score
Risk score granularity100 Levels4 Levels11 Levels
Behavioral analysis
Behavioral biometrics
Device spoofing detection
Machine learning modelsAdvancedBasicBasic
Large-scale distributed crawler detection
Fraud farm detection
Truth data APIAdvancedNoneBasic
Insights / Real-time logging


FeaturesArkose LogoreCAPTCHA v3reCAPTCHA
Anti-bot challengeOptionalOptional
Fraud farm challenges
Machine vision resilience
Average solving time for good users5 seconds10 seconds10 seconds
Available in China
Customizable UI
Challenge typesRisk BasedFixedFixed
Accessibility optionsWCAG compliance

Platform & Security

FeaturesArkose LogoreCAPTCHA v3reCAPTCHA
Mobile SDK support
Data shared for risk modeling70+ fields2 fields2 fields
ManagementManaged by Arkose LabsManual for customerManual for customer
Monthly product updates
Reporting, analytics & visualizationAdvancedBasicBasic
Reason codesAdvancedNoneBasic


FeaturesArkose LogoreCAPTCHA v3reCAPTCHA
24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center)Fully managedNoneBasic
SLA GuaranteeBot Attack SLAUptime Only
Note: Data as of February 2022

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