Case Study

Travel Site Eliminates Bots, Restores Business-Critical Booking Metric With Arkose Labs

For the world’s foremost search engines for travel and booking, the “look-to-book” ratio is one of their key performance indicators. This critical travel industry metric shows the percentage of people who visit a travel website or mobile app compared to those who actually make a purchase. 

The company is contractually bound with many of its providers within the airline and hospitality industry to maintain a certain ratio. However, when millions of bots set out to scrape information off their site, it damaged their ratio, as well as greatly strained their infrastructure.

Download this case study to learn:

  • How Arkose Labs stopped nearly all malicious bot traffic coming to the site
  • How the platform raised its look-to-book ratio by more than 5 percentage points
  • The importance of not impacting good users while fighting fraud attacks

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