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5 Reasons to Choose Arkose MatchKey to Protect Your Organization

December 15, 20223 min Read

If you’re worried about account takeover attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and new account fraud, you’re not alone. These are the most-used tactics of cybercriminals because they are also the most profitable. Many organizations employ traditional CAPTCHA, or CAPTCHA-like, solutions to ward off these types of attacks.

There is no shortage of information on the limitations of various types of traditional CAPTCHAs (see here and here and here for starters). While traditional CAPTCHAs are designed to protect websites from automated bot-driven attacks, attackers are experts at automating solutions to even the toughest traditional CAPTCHAs. 

However, the Arkose MatchKey dynamic attack response solution provides practically unbeatable challenges that stop bot-driven attacks instantly. Forever. 

Here are five reasons to choose the Arkose MatchKey solution—not a traditional CAPTCHA—to protect your website from malicious bots, even human-assisted bots.

1. The Strongest Challenges Ever Created

The Arkose MatchKey dynamic attack response solution is designed to meet modern threats head on. Our strongest challenges would take more than 100 days of human labor to solve using machine learning.

Our new MatchKey challenges are capable of posing thousands of variations of easy-to-understand questions, and attackers would need to automate every single one individually.

This all means that the cost of attacking a client protected by Arkose MatchKey is many times greater than any other security option. 

2. Utterly Unique

By changing how we instruct users to solve a challenge, we can pose abstract challenges that transcend any particular language. This also means that we can guarantee a universal solution in any language or culture. 

MatchKey challenges are super-easy for humans and quite difficult for bots, such as object orientation, matching abstract shapes, and identifying relationships between items. 

3. Human-Friendly AND Enjoyable 

Our standard MatchKey challenges for everyday traffic are fun, and they are designed to achieve the perfect balance of security and usability. For example: Rotate the animal to face a particular direction; Move a train to a particular spot; Place the board game piece in a particular square. 

By breaking away from the traditional designs, we are able to have much more positive and enjoyable experiences from the public while offering state of the art protection. 

4. Adaptable to Demographics 

We also serve assets that match the demographic of your traffic. For example, when protecting a website that has a youth demographic, we can serve cartoons and fun images. Protecting a bank? We serve clean, professional images that match the feel of your service. 

This means that your clients will feel like the experience is matched with the tone of the service that your company provides. 

5. Dedicated Teams Monitoring Traffic with Immediate Response

Arkose Labs can stop any legacy attack, but what about cutting-edge attackers? When we see new attack patterns and behaviors, we have a 24 x 7 team working to identify anomalies and mitigate attacks. When new solver techniques are observed, we use this information to iterate and improve our defenses and mitigate never-before-seen attacks in a way automation cannot.  

Arkose MatchKey is Superior to Traditional CAPTCHAs

If you’re looking for a security solution that can handle all types of bot-driven attacks, Arkose Labs is the answer. If you’re already an Arkose Bot Manager customer, and want to learn more about Arkose MatchKey attack-response capabilities, contact us!

If you aren’t yet a customer, please come join us. Request a demo to see how we can help you stop automated attacks that result in account takeovers, credential stuffing fraud, new account fraud, bonus abuse fraud, and much more.