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Looking Beyond Behavioral Biometrics to Eliminate Attacks with Certainty

October 20, 20204 min Read

behavioral biometrics

Behavioral biometrics help security teams understand the subtle usage patterns of online traffic by understanding behavioral parameters. However, mass manipulation of digital identities is making it challenging to use only pure behavioral biometrics to discern an authentic customer from a cybercriminal. Challenging risky users with targeted friction in the form of adaptive, step-up challenges can help stamp out cyberattacks with certainty.

One data breach after the other has ensured that attackers possess verified usernames and passwords of millions of authentic users around the world. This data is a treasure chest for attackers, as they can manipulate it in many ways for financial gain. They can exploit the data as is, or use it to create synthetic identities to fool businesses into chasing non-existent customers.

Digital identities, that once helped businesses identify bad actors from authentic users, can no longer be relied upon—simply because they have been corrupted at scale. Further, cybercriminals have studied the attack-prevention mechanisms that businesses deploy and have leveraged technology to work around them. The advanced bots are scripted in a way to mimic human behavior with precision.

Businesses have long relied on behavioral biometrics to cross-reference behavioral patterns—such as keystrokes, mouse movements, swipes, time spent on a web page, and so forth—with the user data they possessed in order to tell malicious actors from authentic users. However, with user data being corrupted and attackers excelling at obfuscating device and identity traits, the accuracy of these solutions has also dipped.

In such an environment, businesses need authentication mechanisms that help them ascertain the true intent of the users and if they are who they appear to be.

Two key components to help pin down attackers

Digital businesses today are walking a tightrope trying to balance prevention with user experience. They, therefore, need a defense strategy that allows them to accurately pinpoint the bad actors and stop them before they can cause any harm—without impacting the user experience for authentic users.

Arkose Labs looks beyond pure behavioral biometrics analysis to create telltales of possible attacks and helps distinguish between authentic and suspicious traffic while enabling a seamless experience for genuine users. Arkose Labs bolsters its fight against cyberattack by combining real-time insights into users’ risk assessment with adaptive, step-up enforcement challenges. This combination enables the Arkose Bot Manager platform to use friction judiciously only against the risky users, which means genuine users are saved the burden of unnecessary, out-of-band authentication.

Introducing the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit 2020
Introducing the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit 2020

Test user behavior and challenge risky users

The Arkose Bot Manager platform does not block any user, which means potentially revenue-generating opportunities from new customers are not impacted. Instead, the platform conducts in-depth scrutiny and analysis of every incoming user to understand the true underlying intent.

The dynamic risk engine analyzes hundreds of data points in real-time to assess the risk level of each user. This risk decisioning powers the challenge-response mechanism to screen suspicious users by presenting them with appropriate enforcement challenges according to their risk profiles. Authentic users may not even need to solve the challenges and continue with their digital journeys unhindered.

Persistent, malicious humans and sweatshops, on the other hand, are continuously fed incrementally complex challenges. This exhausts the attackers’ resources and slows down the attack to a point where they are forced to give up. In the meantime, bots and automated scripts fail instantly, as the proprietary enforcement challenges are designed and trained to be intrinsically resilient to automatic solvers.

Adopt an approach that protects now and prepares for the future

The Arkose Labs’ zero tolerance to cyberattacks approach goes beyond pure behavioral biometrics and analytics to provide businesses with robust protection against attacks now and prepares them to confidently stand up to evolving tactics in the future. The anomalous behavioral data and digital intelligence, identified from an attack on one customer, gets propagated across the Arkose Labs network. This helps strengthen the risk decisioning for all Arkose Labs’ customers, thereby enhancing protection for everyone.

To learn how Arkose Labs roots out cybercrime by unveiling the true intent of each user using two key components namely multi-tiered risk-decisioning and adaptive enforcement challenges, please contact us here.