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Introducing the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit 2020

September 25, 20203 min Read

Bankrupting Fraud

In the midst of all the havoc that 2020 has wreaked on in different industries, events and opportunities to connect with industry leaders have dwindled. The Arkose Labs team invites you to join us for a full day of networking, interactive sessions, and to learn the latest fraud trends at our exclusive event, Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit. Here's the webpage of the event.

As all in-person events and conferences have been canceled or postponed, so did many of the chances to network with industry professionals. For the fraud and security community, this has come at a time when they were under the most pressure, due to rising fraud and abuse levels as a direct consequence of the pandemic. That’s why Arkose Labs is launching a virtual summit on November 10, bringing together speakers and fraud prevention experts to share the latest trends, techniques, and tools. 

Bankrupting fraudsters’ extensive toolkit

We’re bringing the community together with the common goal of progressing towards long-term solutions to the growing threat of fraud and cybercrime. Rather than playing a never-ending cat and mouse game with fraudsters, businesses need to adopt strategies that undermine a fraudsters’ ability to launch attacks at scale and turn a profit. This can only be achieved by undermining economic drivers behind attacks, thus bankrupting the business model that fuels organized fraud. The never-ending technology quagmire must be combatted by disrupting the fraudsters’ strategies.

Virtual panels, demos, and interactive sessions

The Summit will feature speakers from multiple industries and major digital brands including Netflix, Microsoft, PayPal, Chime, Google and more. The 15+ sessions throughout the day will include fraud, digital economy and masterclass tracks. A mix of panel sessions and presentations will provide insight into individual philosophies on fraud prevention, and exploration of the key challenges that each industry faces during these turbulent times. 

  • Fraud Track: Take a deep dive into fraud the landscape using data-driven insights, and debate the best tools & techniques to detect and mitigate evolving attacks. Hear war stories from panelists on the innovative attack tactics they have come up against, and discuss the different forms of abuse hitting customer touchpoints - beyond the most common fraud use cases.
  • Digital Acceleration Track:  Online transactions in nearly every industry have seen an uptick as consumers shifted their behavior in 2020 due to lockdowns. Some retailers have broken Black Friday records in April, and gaming, edtech, and other industries are seeing an explosion in activity. These sessions will discuss how to successfully navigate this new digital landscape, explore the medium and long-term implications of COVID-19, and ensure that risk strategies are customized towards high digital growth and excellent consumer experiences.  
  • Masterclass Track: Keeping up with the ever-changing threat landscape requires businesses to closely monitor and secure all customer touchpoints. These sessions will pop the hood on fraudster attack tactics, and present pragmatic techniques to combat specific threat areas - such as ATO and the scourge of organized human fraud “sweatshop” operations and click farms. 

We’d love you to join the Bankrupting Fraud Summit 2020 on November 10 as we bring through leaders and their discussions directly to your computer, and enable you to connect with peers who are on the frontline of fraud prevention. You can stay updated with further details on the agenda and announcements on keynotes by registering for this exclusive event today.