The Economics of Account Takeover Attacks

Cybercriminals go after unprotected websites, allowing them to conduct illegal activities with little cost. But having strong bot management strategies in place can save businesses money and sometimes even increase their profit. Implementing a powerful solution to prevent cybercrime can help organizations stop attackers, preserve customer trust, and safeguard revenue

Staying ahead of unauthorized access attempts during logins and registrations presents its challenges. Recent research has unveiled the threshold at which bad actors determine their attacks no longer yield profitability. Applying this knowledge can lead to cost reduction and enhanced ROI, as cybercriminals find it unprofitable to exploit your site.

This ebook presents a comprehensive analysis of financial aspects across diverse industries. It delves into how the nature of your defense mechanisms can escalate cybercriminals’ costs of attacking, culminating in significant financial savings and a favorable ROI. Access the ebook to explore industry-specific insights on:

Download this ebook to find industry-specific information on:

  • The cost savings and ROI of properly protecting a website
  • Analysis of how website defense impacts attackers’ potential earnings 
  • How Arkose Bot Manager safeguards organizations from cybercrime


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