The Economics of Account Takeover Attacks

Fraudsters make a living out of abusing various websites. For an attack to be successful, it requires the fraudster to have strong tech skills and comes at a cost, especially if the target website is well protected. 

You know what it’s like to try to defend against a deluge of ATOs on logins and registrations. What you might find interesting is new information about the tipping point where fraudsters deem their attacks nonviable.They aren’t making enough money to justify the effort to attack your site anymore.

The Economics of Account Takeover Attacks eBook is a thought-provoking paper with industry-by-industry analysis of the financials and how the type of defenses you have in place drive up fraudsters’ costs to attack. 

Download the eBook now to get industry-specific information on:

  1. The fraudster’s cost when attacking websites protected with different defenses, like a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and bot management solution + a challenge-response (CAPTCHA)
  2. A comparison of a fraudster’s net income potential based on the type of defense a company is using to protect its website
  3. A fraudster’s net income vs. a software developer’s income by country: could a fraudster make more money by using their skills for legitimate purposes?

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