Stop Account Takeover While Lowering Friction for Trusted Users

ATO Obliterates Customer Relationships

Account takeover is one of the biggest challenges digital businesses face today. It not only causes financial and reputational loss but also eradicates the efforts businesses are making to meet rising customer expectations of frictionless access, personalized services, and instant payments.

Online businesses are trying every measure to build deep customer relationships and ensure customer delight—from promotional offers to loyalty programs to rewards and so forth. However, tech-savvy criminals use stolen customer credentials to take over accounts and drain money, reward points and other assets contained therein; access saved payment details and/or passwords, and even use compromised accounts as a launchpad for other cybercrimes. In the process, the delicate business-customer relationship is seriously jeopardized.

ATOs can be difficult to detect as bad actors impersonate genuine customers and manipulate verification processes to avoid detection. Should they choose to introduce additional verification, businesses run the risk of adding friction and disrupting the customer experience. As such, organizations today need non-invasive solutions that effectively prevent ATO attempts without impacting good user throughput.

Fight Account Takeover with Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs safeguards businesses from the growing threat of account takeover. Combining a dynamic risk engine with adaptive step-up authentication, our solution for ATO does the heavy lifting by distinguishing good vs. bad intent through multi-layered detection that aggregates real-time signals to spot hidden signs of bot and human-driven attacks.

Arkose Bot Manager

By deploying advanced AI and adaptive enforcement measures, Arkose Bot Manager ensures real-time protection of user accounts, thwarting even the most sophisticated ATO attacks. Our technology collects real-time intelligence to unearth suspicious behavioral patterns across devices, networks, and third-party risk engines. It accurately uncovers the underlying intent of the user, which helps businesses confidently choose the most appropriate response strategy.

Arkose Bot Manager

Arkose MatchKey

The first step toward preventing account takeover is accurate identification of customer intent and segregation of malicious users from genuine ones. When suspicious traffic is encountered, the platform expertly confronts it in real time via Arkose MatchKey, a state-of-the-art series of challenges with industry-leading security. This friction erodes the threat actor’s ROI until carrying out the attack is no longer economically viable, all while trusted users remain unaffected.

Unlike traditional CAPTCHAs, which don’t stand up against bots, our challenges are designed to meet modern threats head-on by providing the best of defensibility, usability, and accessibility in one product. In fact, Arkose MatchKey is the strongest CAPTCHA ever made.

Arkose MatchKey


At Arkose Labs, we are dedicated to finding the perfect balance between providing a great user experience and protecting against all types of attacks, including ATOs. Through the capabilities of Arkose Bot Manager and Arkose MatchKey, our solution intelligently analyzes user behavior, allowing legitimate users to proceed smoothly while identifying and challenging high-risk traffic. This targeted friction approach not only thwarts attackers but also diminishes their financial motivation by wasting their time, money, and resources—and marks a fundamental shift from attack detection to fraud prevention.

The Arkose Advantage

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Powerful protection backed by commercial assurance and industry-first limited warranty

Managed Services

Arkose Labs empowers your teams by working as a true partner in fighting fraud and delivering insights specific to your business

Minimum Friction

Unified workflow brings together the detection and the proprietary challenge. The lower the risk is, the easier is the challenge

Early Detection

Avoid high-cost authentication measures and downstream losses by opting for early screening methods

Privacy Friendly

Arkose Labs technology achieves unparalleled accuracy without compromising data protection compliance

Results Fast

New customers will see results within days, not weeks or months

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