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Arkose Labs Industry-Leading 59 Net Promoter Score

July 12, 20224 min Read

At Arkose Labs customer obsession is one of our core values, which is why we always want to hear from our customers at every stage of their customer journey.

We frequently solicit feedback in various ways: customer satisfaction surveys, our quarterly business reviews, and once a quarter we measure our Net Promoter Score, or NPS. We analyze all of that feedback to learn what we're doing right, as well where we need to increase our focus.

We completed our NPS survey for Q2 and the results are in…we're happy to announce that our score this quarter is +59! That’s a nine-point improvement over Q1. Achieving a +59 NPS score is a meaningful validation of the partnership we have with our customers.

NPS numbers range between -100 and 100 and according to Relently, when it comes to the B2B SaaS benchmark, the average is 40, which is why we are incredibly proud of our score of 59!

What is NPS?

NPS is a customer satisfaction and service quality metric that's determined based on one question: "How likely are you to recommend the company to a friend or a colleague?"

First, responders answer the survey and are then separated into three categories based on their answer from 1-10.

  • Promoters: Those who give a score of 9-10.
  • Passives: Those who give a score of 7-8.
  • Detractors: Those who give a score of 0-6.

Once all respondents answer, we take the percentage of promoters and subtract the percentage of detractors. That's our score! The score can be as high as +100% if everyone is a promoter, or as low as -100% if everyone is a detractor.

Why is NPS important?

Companies with higher NPS scores have been proven to deliver better customer experiences and support. They are seen as trusted partners whose customers would undoubtedly recommend them to others. And, as we know, most people rely on peer recommendations to learn about and gain confidence in new vendor partners. NPS often correlates directly to revenue growth.

Why Customers Love Working with Arkose Labs

The NPS score may just be a number, but we find the open-ended feedback extremely valuable and it provides a lot of context on why customers value our partnership. Here are a few examples:

It’s a true partnership

At Arkose Labs, we are customer obsessed. From our executives to our 24/7 SOC, we believe that it takes a true partnership to mitigate attacks fast and ensure we’re delivering the highest level of protection for your customers and your brand.

  • “Arkose is effective with minimal intervention, and the team provides excellent service.”
  • “The Arkose Labs team is flexible, easy to work with and a true partner in helping us solve fraud issues.”
  • “I like the quality of service and the customer support.”

We’re committed to outcomes, not features

We stick by our customers through thick and thin. In fact, we’re so dedicated to our customers that our mission to bankrupt the business of fraud comes with a commitment to stopping attackers with unmatched efficacy, backed by the industry’s first $1M credential stuffing warranty.

  • “Arkose Labs not only helped reduce the ATO attempts but also provided us with a future-proof way to protect against evolving attacks.”
  • “More effective at mitigating automated and farmed attacks on key vectors than our prior solution.”

Never sacrifice security for user experience

You shouldn’t have to choose between tighter fraud controls and a positive user experience. We combine layered intelligence and evolving truth data to target attackers with enforcement while users pass without interruption.

  • “Using Arkose Labs data, we can identify and shadow ban malicious users to stop them from abusing our users, which makes the platform safer and increases trust.”
  • “Arkose Labs enables us to continue to deliver the great digital experience our customers have become used to while eliminating fraud attacks and malicious bots.”

Arkose Labs is extremely proud that our customers value our products, services and support to help them stop more fraud, protect customer trust, and make smarter risk decisions. The consistent feedback about our level of commitment and overall experience is unmatched against the other vendors in our space.

We value your feedback and take action on it

Arkose Labs is very nimble and we take customer feedback very seriously, which is what helped achieve our 18% NPS increase quarter over quarter. This means continuously listening to our customers, doubling down on what they like, and focusing on improving the areas where they felt we had gaps.