Protect your web and mobile applications

Fraudsters are posing as genuine traffic in order to scrape data, content and images for malicious purposes, using bots and custom-coded scripts. Arkose Labs’ real-time decisioning enables businesses to stamp out scraping attempts without disrupting good users’ experience. Arkose Labs can accurately distinguish between human and automated traffic that helps prevent scraping attacks from achieving scale.
Malicious humans looking to scrape content are presented with enforcement challenges that incrementally increase in complexity. Fraudsters clearing these challenges at scale is impossible as it requires them to spend more time and resources. This erodes the return on investment from the attack and renders it economically non-viable, forcing the fraudsters to stop.

ZeroBot Guarantee

Protect your crucial web and mobile-facing APIs with a platform that uses a multi-pronged approach to protect APIs from large-scale attacks that try to emulate remote clients. Arkose Labs offers a full SLA guarantee against attacks that target your APIs.

Technology Highlights

Arkose Labs profiles all traffic to detect signs of scraping. When large volumes of data are requested, Arkose Labs intercept attackers with a challenge–response mechanism that concludes whether or not a request is authentic before passing it to the enterprise.

Custom authentication challenges

Root out scripted attacks, trained bots and malicious humans through targeted friction.

Graduated risk-based friction

Defense protocols which automatically adapt to evolving attack techniques.

100% SLA guarantee

100% SLA guarantee to remediate automated attacks.

Long-term protection

Defense against unauthorized, automated and fraud farm-driven scraping attacks.

Continuous intelligence

Bilateral approach that combines sophisticated risk assessments with adaptive enforcement challenges for superior bot identification.

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Platform Demonstration

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