Stop attacks on APIs from bots impersonating legitimate user traffic

APIs are the glue underpinning the modern digital economy. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep them safe from attacks. APIs are constantly targeted by fraudsters, who deploy bots that are designed to appear like legitimate users seeking access to a website. Arkose Labs uses a layered approach to protect APIs from these sophisticated attacks that aim to emulate remote clients and impersonate true users.
To do this, our customers embed an Arkose Labs token into the web application or mobile SDK layer which verifies that each individual request has passed from server to client. All traffic is monitored for known patterns of abuse using data from across our vast network, using behavioral fingerprints, velocity and rate monitoring, and a proprietary user IP database.

ZeroBot Guarantee

The Arkose Labs solution is so effective against automated bot traffic attacking APIs that it is backed by a commercial guarantee. Bot attacks will be identified and remediated against within a set timeframe, giving organizations true peace of mind.

Technology Highlights

Arkose Labs closes off any back-door entry that fraudsters would use by targeting an API that sits behind a login, registration page or other consumer action. Guaranteed by a 100% SLA, businesses can have an entirely new level of confidence that the traffic they are seeing on their APIs is legitimate.

Dynamic Tokens

Tokens are embedded in the web and mobile applications to verify the legitimacy of the traffic source.

Risk Classification Of Traffic

Traffic is classified based on known telltale signals of fraud learned across a global network.

Real Time Analytics

Receive insight into device, network, location and velocity.

Secondary Screening

Screening of high-risk traffic provides determinative detection of bots.

Interactive Challenges

Our solution causes all malicious automated traffic to fail.

Unified Platform And Dashboard

Get actionable insights and clear visibility into threats.

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Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business